2018 guangzhou international lighting exhibition

On June 12, 2018, the highly anticipated Guangzhou International Lighting Fair ended successfully at the China Import and Export exhibition hall. This year, Guangzhou coincided with the typhoon No. 4, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of people in the lighting industry. Global brand companies from all over the world, Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries and LTECH jointly created a professional communication platform for the industry to expand market opportunities.

Review of LTECH booth

What if I missed the show?

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And walk into LTECH booth together!

In order to give better visit experience to visitors, we paid lots of attention to the design of both. The fashionable elegant red and white minimalist style is particularly conspicuous, which naturally attracted a lot of attention among many specially installed booths.

LTECH booth is divided into product display areas and experience areas. In addition to LTECH top-selling products such as intelligent LED driver, DMX decoder, touch panel and LT-BUS commercial lighting control system, the newly developed DALI DT8 driver for CCT dimming and ZigBee 3.0 LED drivers were also displayed and attractive to visitors.

DALI/Triac/0/1-10V/DMX dimmable drivers and WiFi controllers

DMX decoder exhibition board

DALI-DT8 Color temperature power supply

The DALI DT8 CCT dimming driver is the latest product of LTECH. It uses DALI DT8 control mode and occupies one DALI address when CCT dimming. Compared with the past, it can control more CCT lamps independently with smooth dimming effects, which attracted attention of many visitors.

The intelligent product display area focuses on the products of Xiaolei smart home: intelligent wireless panel, intelligent switch panel, intelligent remote control, intelligent LED driver and ZigBee 3.0 LED driver.

Intelligent switch panel, intelligent strip light, intelligent driver display area

Just to emphasize that the ZigBee 3.0 LED driver can be applied to the control of Philips HUE system, and it also supports voice control through Amazon Echo speaker. Many visitors at the fair experienced the control effects of Echo speaker.

In addition to display of products, LTECH always think that the quality of a products can be known well only after experiencing it. Therefore, we made great efforts on the experience area. The open experience area and clear experience instructions enable oversea visitors to experience easily and learn about the outstanding technologies of LTECH products.

Experience area of 0.1% in-depth dimming and flicker-free at high frequency

Video of Flicker-free and 0.1% in-depth dimming

Experience area of LT-BUS commercial lighting control system

Experience area of Xiaolei smart home lighting control system

Xiaolei Technology uses cloud + APP + gateway + terminal one-stop whole house overall control solution to serve lighting manufacturers and engineering companies, zero development cost, real-time intelligent lighting, system supports control through multiple interfaces such as mobile APP, wall panel, remote control and motion sensor. The latest addition of Tmall Elf can realize the voice control of air conditioner, TV, set-top boxes, TV boxes, sweeping robots, electric curtains, electric drying racks, security alarms and other traditional home appliances, to achieve comprehensive control and interconnection of the whole house (no need any change to control for free).

Tmall elves voice control video

As it’s known, we always emphasize that one of the special features of LTECH products is that they are flick-free. In order to present more accurate measurement data to audiences, we use a professional stroboscope to perform measurement on multiple lamp sources on site. Instrument tells us the real truth.

On-site flicker testing by Dr. Zhang

At this exhibition, the number of visitors also made new breakthroughs. Many visitors from home and abroad participated in the exclusive“Carnival” in the lighting industry to find new business opportunities. The booth of LTECH was crowded with professional visitors. Our staff were moving back and forth among visitors, busy and organized. It fully demonstrated the advantages of our products and the high quality of our business team.

A large number of audiences gathered in the booth

Although the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair was mainly for the domestic market, there were still many oversea visitors in our booth. In the fair we received as many as 3000 visitors from home and abroad in our booth.

The eLicht interior designers came to the scene to learn. Dr. Zhang, the marketing director of LTECH, gave a detailed explanation of each area of the LTECH booth.

During the four-day exhibition, LTECH was not only highly praised by many visitors, but also the Triac dimmable driver with artificial intelligence recognition technology from LTECH won the Top Ten Technology Awards of the 2018 Aladdin Magic Lamp Award. We returned with a good harvest and honor.

LTECH won the trophy and certificate of the Aladdin Magic Lamp Award

Although the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2018 was ended, it means a new beginning. For sure, as a leading brand in China’s lighting industry, with 17 years of technical precipitation and brand strength, LTECH is sure to present high-quality products and comprehensive lighting solutions to more consumers at home and broad, and to “create value with light”.

With the most honest craftsmanship, to create the light of infinite freedom. With unobtrusive talent, to break through unlimited new possibilities. It is innovation and ingenuity. Look back to the past and sail for the future. LTECH will continue to forge ahead and stay true to the mission. Finally, we wish all our customers, friends and colleagues a happy Dragon Boat Festival!