【Enterprise mission】
  • Focus on technological innovation, improve lighting quality
    Make healthy and intelligent lighting environments become normal.
  • To be a leading intelligent lighting enterprise of providing solutions.
【Core value】
  • Thankfulness, Fighting
  • Innovation, Win-win
  • Where there is Lighting, there is LTECH.

(Namely, Chinese pronounce: Leite)is composed by English and Chinese. it can also be used independently as English or Chinese independently .

LTECH is the combination of L and TECH, “L”refers to the English initial letter LED、LIGHTING、LAMP、LASER,etc. “TECH” refers to technology.

LTECH is the clipped word of lighting technology, which means it embarks upon developing “lighting technology”.

LTECH is the English transliteration of 雷特,“L” is the initial consonant of Chinese characters,“雷”, which is related to lighting. And “T” is the initial consonant of Chinese characters“特” that means outstanding or extraordinary.

LTECH strives to be the leading intelligent lighting enterprise , providing best solutions and extraordinary design and quality, which creates great values for customers.