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Lighting Academy | Free open class will come to ZhongShan

Jul 17, 2018

Unconsciously, LTECH intelligent lighting collage free open class have been held twice during May ans June in ShenZhen and ShangHai ,thanks for every attention and support !

Accroding to the feedback of students ,all satisfied extremely with our courses and take meaning from it , even a lot of friends have consulted location of next courses !

As nearly a month apart , the third free open class of LTECH intelligent lighting college finally come out at thousands of calls !This time ,we choose ZhongShan to hold courses with a topic of intelligent house and solution ! Welcome to sign up !

Notice of registration

Topic : Intelligent house and solution

Time : 13:30-17:00 , 20th July 2018

Location :Manhattan Hotel , ZhongShan (Ancient Town )

Detail address: Meeting room ,4 Floor , Manhattan Hotel ( BangHao ) ,ZhongShan (Ancient Town )

Ltech Institute of intelligent lighting

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Gather industry experts, universities, academics, and professional cadre teams.

Theoretical basis + case analysis + actual operation

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About smart lighting

The theme of this public class is “Smart Home and Solution”. Today, smart home is becoming more and more popular. Smart lighting is very important in our life. It is not just lighting, it is from the perspective of the living scene, spatial planning and architectural framework of the smart home, conceiving the organic unity and perfect combination of intelligent technology, living environment, health and energy conservation. It can be said that a well-designed lighting system is an indispensable part of a smart home and will become a new trend in the future.

Nowadays, most intelligent lighting systems are mainly systems for intelligent control and management of lighting. Compared with traditional lighting, it can mainly realize dimming of lights, one-button scenes, one-to-one remote control and zone lighting management, and can use wireless remote control, timing control, centralized control, remote mobile phone remote control and voice control and other control methods to achieve energy-saving, environmentally friendly, comfortable and convenient functions of intelligent lighting.

The current smart home is definitely the direction of the trend. You want to acquire more knowledge about smart home and smart lighting. Welcome to sign up for our course. At that time, Dr. Zhang, the director of LTECH Marketing Department, will give you more detailed explanation and analysis.

Friends who want to participate in the course

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For more details, please contact us at 4007-168-928

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