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Team building | LTECH’s trip to Zhangjiajie, Hunan 2020

Sep 29, 2020

The autumn sky was clear with bracing air

25th-27th September, 2020

LTECH staff’s three-day trip was on the way

Something might be late

But LTECH’s annual trip is always on time

On the way to Zhangjiajie, 800+ kilometers away

Flowers, trees, mountains, clear water, white clouds and blue sky

were all caught in sight outside the window

The view put all of us at ease

The most beautiful one is our smiles

And our smiles always went with the way

Let's share pleasure with you

The glass bridge suspends on the west line of Tianmen Mountain

Glass walkway along with the bridge

In spite of rain and mist

The beauty of Zhangjiajie was also exposed to us

Took the longest cable car in the world with partners

7455 -meter long

Filled with a crowd of people

Tianmen Mountain is known as the first holy mountain in Western Hunan

It was still drizzling in the sky at the beginning of climbing

Layers of clouds obscured the view

Then mist faded away

There was another scene at the top of mountain

Just as difficulties and obstacles in the workplace or life

They will be settled eventually and bright days come again

Mountains, rivers and mist were filled with love

Wish all our LTECH member can be blessed with love

Employees went and partnered with group

Embrace the beautiful nature

While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery

We also do not forget to take photos for memory

Enhanced our relationship

Create a harmonious team atmosphere

Reaching the top of mountain required 999 level ladder climbing

Everyone was pleasant and went up the stairs

Take a rest when tired and look down the steps at your feet

It seemed that we got over many obstacles

But when we choose the way

We have to stick with it despite challenges

Just as we succeeded climbing 999 level ladder, we can went further

There were beautiful scenery and love as well

Be grateful to our staff for considerate preparation

The way is full of surprised birthday wishes

Made us well-being

So grateful to our adorable team mates

This trip not only led us to explore the magic of nature

But also relieved our working pressure

Enhanced the communication and understanding between each other

Strengthen the team cohesion

Enjoy the present life and also work hard

In these happy days

Let’s work together

And keep motivated for the next trip

Hereby we wish each LTECH member can be a better person

Welcome Card for LTECH Family