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Project case | How Shanghai Ivy School Light up the light of children’s health

Sep 04, 2018

With autumn is coming, most primary and high schools started classes on September 1 in nations. Do you remember your school time? let’s have a look at current schools .

Shanghai Ivy school designed by Shanghai Design Institute and British CUNDALL Design Company, the kindergarten first area covering of 3,558 square meters,with 8 classes and about 160 kids.All materials of building are internationally certified , each classroom is equipped with a PM2.5 anti-fog fresh air system and with floor heating system. So high standard school , what the requirements for the indoor light ?

LTECH provided their intelligence lighting system and we can guide you to their indoor lighting world.

Children are still in development stage. Their eyes are particularly sensitive to lighting such as in games, classes, and live . If classroom’s lighting is unstable, weak or flicker which will easy bring children's eyes discomfort and fatigue, long-term such situation will cause myopia, but too bright and single light will easy cause children psychological tension.

Now,Shanghai Ivy school adopted different lighting designs in different places and use LTECH T series control system, not only provides healthy and stable brightness , but also easy to layout and management of connection for T series is wireless system .

T series is the world’s first RF2.4G wireless sync / zones controller. Support unlimited receivers synchronous and zones control in effective distance , which satisfies these projects cannot wiring but need synchronize or independently controlled.

Besides , if there are RGB LED lamps, with T series RGB controllers be able to create lighting atmosphere.

In recent years, Chinese government focus on protecting children’s eyes , lighting’s digital ,healthy ,intelligence must will be a important content of school indoor lights standard.

As a famous brand kindergarten , Shanghai Ivy school not only provides high-quality bilingual teaching, but also guides children to be self-confidence, responsibility and hard learn person . From school buildings and indoor lighting. We can see the school's standards is high .

Health is the foundation of all development. May our children grow up at a healthy learning environment.

To all kids,be happy in your school!"