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New Arrival | LTECH LED Intelligent Tunable White Driver-- Say Hello people-oriented Lighting

Jun 28, 2019

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, basic lighting is far from satisfying people's demands for quality of life. How to make artificial light play a better role in human rhythm, emotion, visual acuity and visual function. People-oriented lighting has come into being and became the development trend of the current lighting industry.

What is people-oriented lighting?
people-oriented lighting was first proposed by Stan Walerczyk in 2012. It is based on people and the corresponding illuminance, brightness and other data indicators, but also according to the space, scene, light, climate and physiological psychology. Features such as providing healthy, comfortable, and efficient lighting to provide an environment that is good for both physical and mental health. In other words, it is easy to understand, using artificial light to create a comfortable light environment that conforms to the laws of nature.


In the long history of human evolution and development, the longest and most suitable light for human beings is the sunshine, and human beings "start work with sunrise,get rest with sunset". Living under the protection of nature and sunlight,which is easy,relaxing with joy. But nowadays, the replacement of nature in the interior space has become frequently staying in our daytime. Unhealthy artificial light breaks the balance of human biological rhythm and triggers a series of physiological and psychological imbalances.

Are you familiar with the scene in the picture above,which looks like your office? The dense color high-temperature grille lamp, the full-glass wall and the light-skinned desk and chair, the entire office is transparent, bring a clean and bright feeling, high color temperature and light-filled environment. It is good for employees to work hard and improve the efficiency of the office. This kind of office environment does look very exciting, but the method of "cheep-up" is only a short-acting medicine. It is difficult to do it all day long. After all, the steel-built machine also needs water injection cooling and periodic work. Come and relax, let alone people? So a good office environment is not directly illuminating the space lighting.

So let’s imagine, if you can feel the natural light of different time periods while sitting indoors, does it sound attractive?

Different color temperature give different states and emotions, and flexible switching of color temperature will bring more convenience, and the demand for color-changing lamps is increasing day by day. According to this market demand, LTECH relies on its original T-PWM super depth non-flicker dimming technology to develop LED intelligent color temperature driver, supporting 0-10V, DALI, TRIAC, PUSH DIM, DMX512/RDM, wireless and other protocols,as well interfaces to fully restore natural light, delicate and stepless color temperature adjustment, creating a comfortable and natural artificial light environment.

LED Intelligent Color Temperature Driver

Simulate sunrise and sunset dimming effect

Color temperature value comparison

Stepless color adjustment process, soft and comfortable

Color Temperature dynamic effect

Working in such a light environment, the concentration of cortisol in the body can be maximized, and the high creativity and power can be invested in a good state. When it is time to off work,cortisol does not need to function, the color temperature section of the light is adjusted to mild light, paving a good foundation for the appearance of melatonin, ensuring that the human body can smoothly enter the rest state at night. Through the LTECH LED intelligent color temperature driver to achieve different color temperature changes, to provide people with the most comfortable light environment, thereby improving work efficiency.

Project case of LALD International Lighting Design Awards - HSBC Bank Restaurant

Simulating the annual and daily changes in daylight, including dynamics, light color, direction and intensity, through a luminous wall that resembles a floor-to-ceiling window, makes this underground restaurant pleasant enough.

In addition, the LTECH LED intelligent color temperature driver can achieve a dimming depth of 0.01%. The dimming process is smooth, delicate, and stepless. Even at the lowest brightness, there will be no light shaking or flicker. The National Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai) achieves high frequency exemption level without flicker detection, and the high quality driver provides customers with a healthy and harmless lighting environment. (Unhealthy light is also full of flicker phenomena.More details,please click here)

At the same time, LTECH LED intelligent color temperature driver is 100% compatible with various brands of dimmers on the market.Controls commercial office, education, health care and other fields with high demand for color temperature adjustment etc. Customized commercial lighting design solutions can be offered.

Commercial office


Health Care

LTECH keeps up with the market trend, and every new product launched has led the new arrival in the industry and far beyond their reach. LTECH LED intelligent color temperature driver adopts international leading technology, aiming at the practical application environment and technical difficulties at home and abroad,using wisdom and effort to create high-quality dimming performance, providing with another excellent driver alternatives for major projects.

For more details, please consult the relative sales of LTECH branches. Looking forward to experience LTECH LED Smart Color Temperature Driver.