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Project case | West Yorkshire Villa lighting case

Sep 17, 2018

In the ancient palaces behind the technology, there is a high demand for lighting. However, such a noble and private pursuit is not only a simple and necessary configuration for modern residential space, but also need more exquisite requirements. For example, depending on the change in the life function area, the light environment required for different partitions is also different. Today we will take a look at how the design of the light environment in the West Yorkshire villa case in the UK.

For villas, the quality of the living environment and the overall comfort of the atmosphere is inseparable, and lighting design has become the most critical step in connecting the two. The villa uses the LTECH DMX/RDM decoder solution in the main areas of the living room, bedroom, gym, swimming pool, bathroom, corridor, etc., together with the overall arrangement to form a complete and comfortable villa environment.

The living room is the most widely used area of the villa space. It is the main area where the family rests, watches TV, chats and meet the guests. The delicate and flicker free lighting effect brings a healthy and comfortable space atmosphere to various activities.

The bedroom is the most pleasant place, and LTECH's 0.1-100% deep dimming technology is used here, with flicker free and soft low-brightness lighting effects to create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere, while embedded through the wall The spotlights illuminate the decorative painting to form a visual point that allows the entire room to be stereoscopic.

The bathroom space is designed with accent lighting to enhance the design of the space. Pure white light is used in different functional areas in the bathroom to make the bathroom more rich in layering. Simplicity is not simple.

The swimming pool in the villa is the most “shiny” area of the whole project. In addition to the more active color matching, the rhythm, transformation and effect of the lighting in the background of the LTECH DMX series products can create an atmosphere of entertainment and relaxation.

The stairs in the villa can meet the preferences of the occupants by using the special lamps. The auxiliary light source can bring out other light source effects, enhance the layering of the space and adjust the light and dark contrast of the space by using the illumination and color temperature of the light source.

The layout of the lamps in the villa should be reasonable, especially for some large spaces. The different lighting effects of multiple areas are conducive to the division of the space layout, so the lighting control effect of the demand is also very important.

LTECH DMX/RDM decoder adopts PWM digital dimming technology, which can control not DIM, CT, RGB, RGBW and other LED lamps, achieve 0-100% dimming dynamic effects, and join the standard RDM remote device management protocol. Supports DMX512 signal bidirectional communication, realizes remote read/write DMX address and other management functions. It can easily change the address after installation in the villa, greatly reducing the difficulty of secondary operation.

The excellent villa lighting design can give the guests a comfortable and healthy lighting atmosphere, so that they can find a sense of belonging. The living configuration is like a body, and the lighting control that brings temperature to this "body" is the "heart". For 17 years, LTECH has been committed to providing high-quality LED dimming driver and decoder products to the market, and providing a comfortable, intelligent and healthy lighting environment of users around the world.