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Elite from Ltech Sales Dept: Moving about unhurriedly on Xiachuan Island

Aug 22, 2016

Sunshine,sea beach,pina colada, sea wind makes it so attractive. On Aug, 20,21, elites are coming to this Sunny vitality resort "South Sea Pearl" by ship, national AAAA level scenic tourist Taishan Xiachuan Island palace continent for two days.

Xiachuan island is part of Taishan City, Guangdong Province, located on the west side of the Pearl River estuary, located in the southwest of the city of Taishan, a town of Chuandao town. Where the charming scenery, palace continent more "Phuket China" reputation.

Here we toured the climbing rock, acoustic rock, Mt Lady Chenglong and other attractions, enjoy a painter of Guan inscription. At the beach, we indulge in some crystal clear turquoise sea to join, free swim some playing beach volleyball. Sunset, enjoy the most beautiful sunset seascape; nightfall, enjoy the fireworks bursting in the sky. Early the next morning to see the sunrise in Grand Bay, although the bad weather, the sun shyly hiding, but the cool morning breeze, the cool fresh air, or let everyone feel worthwhile.

Xiachuan Island is known as the "four Guangdong Temptation Island Resort" and "the temptation of food." We came to Xiachuan Island not miss the most is the taste of seafood. Little friends here bites, enjoy authentic seafood dinner.

This travel makes us carefree and happy, everyone had an unforgettable good memories. Activities make us feel more intimately together, share each other's laughter.