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Future Residence in Chengdu丨LTECH Was Invited To Join Round-Table Discussions On The Theme Of The Design And Market Of Future Residence

Sep 30, 2021

After Future Residence Forums were successfully held in Hangzhou and Wuhan on March 26th, April 23rd respectively, and Future Residence Forum in Beijing was held in China Residential Audio&Video Integration Tech Expo 2021 on July 5th, Future Residence Forum in Chengdu was held on September 28th.

The scene of Future Residence Forum in Chengdu

This is another significant event in smart home industry this year in China. A variety of activities were conducted at the conference, including keynote speeches, round-table discussions, product/technology demonstrations and on-site exchanges. This is a grand event that draws together the entire industry, aiming to integrate resources and pursue common development. A round-table meeting was carried out at the Future Residence Sub-forum on the theme of The Design and Market of Future Residence. Mr. Long Haiqi, LTECH Marketing Director of Smart Home Division, was invited to the sub-forum, having conversation and discussions with the other guests.

LTECH Marketing Director of Smart Home Division Mr. Long Haiqi attended the round-table meeting

Make more living scenes possible through lighting

The guests had heatedly debated on site, indicating infinite possibilities of the future of smart homes. Mr. Long Haiqi from LTECH classified consumer needs of smart homes into three categories: practical functions, simple operation, fashionable appearance. While meeting these needs, LTECH has a more in-depth understanding of user needs. Make more living scenes possible through lighting; adjust brightness, color temperature and colors of lights, and even the changing pattern of colors; adjust the soft start time that lights gradually brighten or fade over a period of time; adjust the circadian rhythm to make lighting change in accordance with rhythm. For instance, lighting can mimic the sunrise or sunset through the use of Super Panel, or you can also execute the party mode with just one button.

More smart devices can be seamlessly connected in LTECH Smart Homes

Make a plan beforehand: More smart devices can be connected in LTECH L-Home App

Currently, more and more companies start to pay close attention to lighting in the smart home sector, and the important proportion of lighting in smart homes. It will be a inevitable development trend in smart homes in the future. After nearly 20 years of the accumulation of technology, LTECH started to build its own cloud service in 2015. The L-Home Cloud Service is built on the Alibaba IoT platform. Through home appliance modules and the AI platform, intelligent lighting and more smart devices are seamlessly connected to create convenient, comfortable and healthy living environments.

Experience zone of LTECH Whole House Smart Home

During the activity, LTECH set up an experience area of LTECH whole house smart home system, displaying the whole house smart home system with the Super Panel as the core item. The on-site guests could have a product experience at close distance and discuss with us.

Immersive experience of LTECH Whole House Smart Home Scenes

LTECH Whole House Smart Home System provides complete control of your entire smart house

LTECH Whole House Smart Home System is compatible with Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz, IR红外, 433MHz, 315MHz, BLE Mesh. We provide users with one-stop solutions, which enable end-to-end implementations by transferring data to the cloud and providing the ability to manage users’ devices in the App. Based on the remote code library with more than 1000 brands, users can have a comprehensive control of air conditioners, TVs, set top boxes, TV boxes, floor mopping robots, electric curtains and electric airers by the use of a remote, a panel or the mobile App, and achieve linkage among devices. LTECH Whole House Smart Home System is a lighting-based control system,which can control home appliances as well.

Although we talk about future residence, we can completely have it right now. LTECH Whole House Smart Home System can create a smart life with whole house intelligence for you!