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Project Case | application of DMX dimming driver in Suzhou Wei Cai Pharmaceutical office building lighting

Apr 14, 2018

Lighting of office buildings is not only a demand of satisfy people's visual function, but also is beneficial to enhance communication and efficiency of working among employees. If the office building is like the office building as below, many people are willing to work a little longer and enjoy the comfort and happiness from the office environment for a long time.

Wei Cai (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned pharmaceutical enterprise established by Wei Plant type meeting fully investment, which is a multinational company based on research and development of pharmaceutical products, and its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

The lighting of the office building in Suzhou Wei Cai Pharmaceutical is not only combining with the office demand and working process, but also scientifically and reasonably dividing the functional area, and also considering the communication between the various regions. In terms of lighting, taking into account the requirements of office type and function, as well as the uniformity of illuminance and the comfort of light source, various LED lighting need to be used. Office area and conference room are mainly illuminated, auxiliary lighting is used in corridors and halls, and dining hall and public areas are controlled separately. In the application of LTECH DMX constant current dimming driver, Suzhou Wei Cai Pharmaceutical office building realizes centralized control of multi area lighting, and outputs high quality lighting effect, so that the lighting control of the office building is more humanized, thus improving the office efficiency of the enterprise.

LTECH DMX constant current dimming power supply adopts PWM digital dimming to ensure the best color rendering index of lighting. 0-100% stepless dimming, dimming depth up to 0.1% limits, no stroboscopic detection reach the level of high frequency immunity, in line with the eye perception of the dimming curve, dimming uniformity and smooth and natural, so that the visual sense of the eye more comfortable. The above technical threshold is difficult for most similar products to cross.

As the leading brand of LED controller, LTECH has been developing and innovating in the field of intelligent lighting for 17 years since its founding. It has developed a large number of lighting control systems and devices that represent industry leading technology. In office lighting, LTECH has an integrated intelligent interconnected office lighting control system with cloud platform - control system - dimming drive, allowing office lighting to enjoy the general standards of five star hotels.

LTECH intelligent office lighting system

LTECH intelligent office lighting system is a fully automated lighting management system with human induction and sunshine sensing. It has remote query management, scene start, time control, electricity statistics and other functions to improve office efficiency and environmental protection and energy conservation.

While lighting in office buildings emphasizes energy saving, environmental protection and comfort, intelligent lighting is bound to be the trend of the future, and office environment is same. Good office lighting control can be given to a specific lighting environment according to the needs of the office environment and the time period of the staff's rest , so that everyone can easily enter the working state in the comfortable lighting environment.

In addition, LTECH intelligent office lighting control system, using the precision energy saving algorithm, makes the room not only has a reasonable luminance distribution, but also easily realizes the energy saving effect of the human body and illumination sensing, which has no stroboscopic lighting effect and various lighting change modes, and gives the employees healthy and comfortable light environment at the same time. build green, low carbon integrated intelligent office area.