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Activity | Ltech Team Building in 2018~

Nov 26, 2018

Here comes the cool Autumn, for enhancing the cohesion among colleagues and boosting company culture at cooperation, Ltech hold team-building activity at Silver Sandbeach, a beautiful beach at Zhuhai city.

We can still review how exciting the tea-building activity was through the pictures below!!!

Army Cosplay

To some of Ltech guys, it’s the first time to truly experience Army Cosplay. Instead of being nervous at the game, we are more curious at game rules, at gun even Cosplay clothes.

In my imagination, Army fighting should be furious and severe.Like below...

But actually, here’s how we were...

Group VS Group

After CS, all guys seems still energetic~~~

Set off to next station---Silver Sandbeach

Creative group presentation, which group you favorite?

After rope skipping, we came to the highlight section--Tug-of-war.

We all devoted our best strength at the rope with the cheering of passionate cheering squad.

At that moment, we were one, fighting for a same target.


After exhausting Tug-of-war, BBQ became a timely feast.

We ended up the meaningful team-building trip in relaxation with soft sea wind and beautiful scene.The team-build activity brought us leisure and peacefulness in nervous and busy jobThe most important was that, colleagues became more familiar and coherent, which would make our better job in the last two months in 2018.Fighting for 2019!