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LTECH The Fruitful 16 years: Shanghai Bund W Hotel--- Make you feel the Luxury of different colors

Jul 17, 2017


Chic W Hotel

Always set off a boom to the new city!

The first Starwood W Hotel in Shanghai, settled in the North Bund, the ubiquitous "W" luxury.

Marriott International’s Five-star hotel brand-- Shanghai Bund W Hotel was officially opened on June 30, 2017.

As the world famous brand chain hotel, each W hotel's unique design inspiration comes from its location. The Bund W Hotel lighting project took “different colors” as the main design concept, a large number of DMX controllers and dimmable drivers were installed. To give guests a wonderful lighting show, excavated the unique Shanghai spirit and the collision with Western culture.

Shape of the W Hotel has the unique curved structure, glass stereoscopic wall. The guests will feel the When the vitality brought by the vibrant art device, when they enter the atrium at ground floor -- bright ceilings, flyovers, skyscrapers and the folk culture of the old Shanghai and many other elements intertwined, strong visual contrast to create a unique style of extraordinary.

The 374 modern avant-garde rooms in W hotels, not only configured the W brand characteristic beds, but also decorated with the elements of Shanghai dumplings and traditional Chinese chopsticks, every detail has been deeply branded on behalf of the Shanghai culture of the city mark. Different lighting effects for each room, 388 square meters of double-decker space with a wall-mounted neon device, showing like a dragon from the mouth of the light out of the design, create a funny paradise with full of imagination for the guests.

The hotel also comes with five restaurant bars of different styles. At daytime they are social space while at nighttime they turn into action-packed popular bars. Miraculous lighting activate the typical music passion of W hotel when gusts talk to each other, giving guests sensory experience with lighting and music harmonized perfectly.

Lighting design reflects and enhance the hotel’s soft power. In this project, W hotel the Bund adopts DMX products from LTECH to implement effects such as switch, dimming and scene control, and implement color-changing lighting effect of different areas in the hotel. Guests will enjoy comfortable and natural lighting experience once they arrive in the hotel, and when going deep into the hotel they will find balance between fashion style and ease.

W hotel brings passion to life, and LTECH brings quality to life. In the early stage of LED luminaire development, LTECH first introduced DMX technology to China LED industry and developed the first DMX512 driver, which realized the perfect combination of stage lighting DMX512 protocol and LED luminaire. Led and motivated by LTECH, more and more enterprises entered this field in the later stage. After over ten years, DMX technology for controlling LED became more mature and diversified, and became an indispensable part in commercial lighting.

Interpret the very oriental beauty through lighting. In this lighting project, LTECH’s products are well received by customer with superior performance. LTECH is the first enterprise in China committed to the research and development of LED intelligent control technology. Over the 16 years, LTECH’s LED controllers and intelligent LED drivers are utilized in tens of thousands of large and medium-sized lighting projects such as landmarks, famous theme parks, star hotels, restaurant chains, haute malls, amusement venues, villas around the world. In the future, we will continue to provide our customers with first-class products and best solutions.