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Project Case | Shanghai LuXun Museum- Wireless Lighting Control System

Sep 25, 2017

LTECH made a new & great lighting case after Shanghai World Expo Museum. Let’s show you more about Shanghai Lu xun Museum.

Shanghai Lu xun Museum is the first personality & celebrity memorial after the establishment of PRC(People's Republic of China), which is also managed by the unit of Lu Xun tomb cultural relics protection. It is the first batch of museums and patriotism education demonstration base, which divide into Lu xun Former Residence, Lu xun Tomb and Lu xun Memorial.

In the spring of 1950, Shanghai Lu xun Memorial was prepared by the ministry of culture on the east China military commission. The traditional installation of lighting in Lu xun Museum is with complex processes and knob-and--tube wiring. It have to be supported by high technology in lighting, and cost a lot of working time.

According to this situation, we made a wise choice- LTECH Wi-Fi wireless & intelligent lighting solution. With the development of stability in LTECH Wireless Protocol, TECH Wi-Fi intelligent lighting solution is applied in many museums successfully. In the early, you do not need to wire through LTECH lighting systems. We also could adjust the design depends on local conditions, which brings convenience for museum’s construction. It includes 3 ways of controls : mobile APP, panel and remote controller. Make LED control to be more intelligent and humanized.

1.Wireless connection: make convenient for construction

From wire to wireless in Museum’s lighting control, that is an unstoppable trend. A lot of people think Museum’s modern intelligent lighting system is not energy-saving. But now, our system realize it. It can easily carry out design changes and on-site remediation, without damaging the original layout of the museum. And preserve exhibits well and reduce the cumbersome processes during construction.

2.Accurate control: Super-smooth dimming

Lu’s Memorial mainly exhibit cultural relics like murals, historical books, statues... They pay attention to the exhibits of the illumination and the amount of exposure. Therefore, except for lighting design, they use LTECH Wi-Fi control system for PWM digital dimming, which makes lighting control for exhibits to look more accurate and nice.

3.Scene Mode Setting: exhibition atmosphere be more comfortable

LTECH Wi-Fi control system can achieve dimming, color temperature, RGB and RGBW functions, while supporting multi-zones control. One bottom for light control & scene saving in exhibition with many lights. Staff in the museum only need to press the preset bottom to adjust lighting atmosphere when they would change the theme of the exhibition, exhibits, or corresponding lighting effect. LTECH Wi-Fi control system achieve scene changing to be very flexible, and let LED control to be more intelligent and humanized.

LTECH WiFi-104 is an almighty intelligent lighting control system, which could control all kinds of LED products through Wi-Fi.

Main functions:

1)Four functional control: Dimming, CT, RGB, RGBW

2)Wi-Fi remote control, offer muti zones for choosing

3)Direct Connection & Additional Router Network Mode. Direct connection requires no third-party network

4)Customized lighting atmosphere & Saving functions

5)Control mode: APP, panel, and Remote controller

6)Set SSID number by yourself and automatically identify when connecting

Lu’s Memorial shows his whole life with great quality. All of visitors can not help showing their salute when come here. That is engineer’s original intention to choose LTECH Wi-Fi intelligent lighting control system here. They hope to annotate the meaning of historical relics and stories through LTECH lighting control, and help all visitors to find an echo.