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News | LTECH 2020 Annual Commendation Conference Has Achieved Great Success

Feb 05, 2021

On February 3, 2021, LTECH 2020 Annual Commendation Conference was held in the conference room of the headquarters to review the annual work, commend outstanding departments and individuals, and to promote the spirit of model workers.

Review of LTECH wonderful moments in 2020

To actively respond to the call of government and be responsible to employees, the commendation conference this year was conducted in a way of combining online and offline meeting. Five branch venues were set up in R&D office, marketing& sales office, manufacturing office, domestic office and smart home office respectively, and each branch used video to participate in the annual meeting. This is the most challenging commendation conference for our company due to the largest number of branch venues, the highest number of online viewers, which requires high level control ability on site.

Main venue-live streaming

Branch venues

LTECH commended individuals and groups that have made outstanding contributions and performance in various positions and aspects over the year. A total of 14 awards were granted, including the Golden Axe Award for Strengths, All-Around Talent Award, Enterprising Award, the Best Organization Award, Leading Innovation Award, and Outstanding Employee Award. There are 57 individuals and groups in total received the awards.

Mr. Lei Jianwen, Chairman of LTECH, presented awards to employees

Awarding moments

Special trophies and red packets provided for employees

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the Spring Festival approaching, LTECH gave out Chinese Spring Festival welfare to each LTECH member. At this moment filled with great festivity and rejoicing, each of them left sweetest smiles on their faces.

Gift packs for Spring Festival

The God of Wealth gave out “Gold Coins”

Customized and exclusive Coca-Cola

In 2020, we still moved forward despite difficulties and setbacks. In 2021, let’s celebrate the 20th year for LTECH, and work together to create the bright future.

Review of LTECH 2020 Annual Commendation Conference