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Project Case | Xi’an Rongchuang Qujiangyin Modern Art Center-Walks in the forefront of the times

Mar 25, 2020

The ancient city of Xi’an, shining with its classical culture, has a urgent need to develop the new cultural structure under such a era of non-stopping progress. The city ranges from the glory and honor of the ancient capital of Thirteen Dynasties and profound splendor of Tang Dynasty to the magnificent dialogue with the world today. Xi’an Rongchuang Qujiangyin Modern Art Center, in 2019, came into being, constantly refreshing the aesthetic standards of modern art. How amazing is it?

An exhibition of Picasso in Xi’an Rongchuang Qujiangyin Modern Art Center @Weibo Xi’an Moka video materials

When speak of the Rongchuang Qujiangyin Modern Art Center, it has to mention its subordinate project—Rongchuang Qujiangyin project, which was created by the five world top design teams and had been successfully listed Asian Top 10 Luxury House , was awarded Best Architectural Design Mansion Asian Award in 2019 as well. As the first WELL Precertification project, it constructs seven dimensions air ,water, nutrition, light, gym work,comfort and spirit, to convey the healthy mission of architecture with the human centric thinking of the times.

Effect diagram in Rongchuang Qujiangyin

Top design teams in Rongchuang Qujiangyin

Being Located to the west of Xi’an new botanical garden, Rongchuang Qujiangyin Modern Art Center seen from afar, is seemingly looks like a crystal Palace, so bright and breathtakingly beautiful which suspended in the air. The combination of natural light and intelligent lighting controls satisfy the people-oriented standard of dimension.


Visual identification@Tushi design

The Qujiangyin floating device at the entrance of Rongchuang Qujiangyin Modern Art Center is composed of more than 60,000 stainless steel squares with two-side mirror, displayed evenly. The lighting part showed by strip lights , creates a sense of the space and art sentiment, both of which are greatly futuristic. Meanwhile, in the accordance with of the concrete needs of Art Center, the lighting intensity of strip lights is dimmed and lighting is changing, which create the best artistic atmosphere.

The Qujiangyin floating device@Tushi design

The Qujiangyin floating device fills with a further sense of design under warm light @Tushi design

The Qujiangyin floating device fills with a further futuristic sense under cool light @Shilijia design

The water space and art exhibition part, although keep separate from each other, they are integrated into an whole. Outdoor lighting and currency is brought in the exhibition through six lighting boxes and the lighting of underwater lamp in the water space and that of strip lights in the exhibition have echoes each other.With the addition of 18 atlas moths of shaking trunks, the scene has became the main exhibit.

Here in the exhibition, the vitality of water and the flow space is integrated , the nature ,architecture and lighting together generate the deeper sensation. Appearance of trees, shape of shadow and shadow of lighting, all make the scene.

Art gallery@Shilijia design

The ceiling strip lights provides the main lighting for the indoor public area while the local spotlight plays a role of interspersing being a supplement. Such combination of lighting is smooth and flicker-free that presents beautiful, elegant and avant-garde the visual effect, which does not make any ripples if shooting and at the same time give a comfortable visual enjoyment for viewers.

Indoor public area @Weibo Xi’an Renwen photography


This time the Rongchuang Qujiangyin Modern Art Center, successfully showed above perfect presentation by using LTECH’s 0-10V intelligent driver. (It is also applied in Shanghai Nine Trees Future Art Center . Pls click here for more details.

Photos by @Rongchuang Qujiangyin subscription

With soft-on and fade in function: carefulness and delicateness make lighting mildly change that people do not aware of the intensity of light being adjusting and experience more comfortable vision;

Can achieve 0.1%-100% depth dimming to satisfy the museum different areas with different light intensity demand;

LTECH intelligent driver have been passed IEEE 1789 stroboscopic test standard can provide a healthy lighting environment for the audience.No matter the audiences shoot through the mobile phone or the professional shoot for TV program, there will be no ripple phenomenon and makes the photo effect more perfect. (Pls click here for more details);

Support 5 in 1 dimming: 0-10V/ 1-10V/PWM/RX/Push-DIM,100% compatible with various brands of dimmer and control system in the market, which provides the best option for business lighting;

More energy-effective and energy-saving driver: efficiency 93%, PF>0.98、THD<6%、0-10V port ultra-low current consumption <0.05mA;

Innovative thermal management technology : it can be automatically protected in case of ·over temperature , short circuit and overload so that improve the safety of art center.

Xi’an Rongchuang Qujiangyin Modern Art Center walks in the forefront of the times, goes inside the city with its progressive vision, brings the human centric mindset of the times in architecture and create a unique and poetic world for the city. We are so proud to be the supplier of the intelligent driver for the light in Rongchuang Qujiangyin Modern Art Center. LTECH insists on keeping technical innovation, strives to create the most personalized environment for each project, provides excellent products and services and assist to increase project values for customers.