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LTECH | Don't be a "tailor shop" and be a "clothing factory"

May 21, 2018

To create a Chinese brand, don’t be a 'tailor shop', be a 'clothing factory', this dream is hard and difficult to practice, but it must be done, however, the fact proves that we are right!" Such a stirring voice was from Zhuhai's five star hotel Pullman banquet hall, the speaker was the leading brand of the LED controller, the founder and chairman of LTECH technology, Mr. Lei Jianwen.

"Don’t be a tailor's shop, be a clothing factory" seems to tell the story of clothes, but it is Lei Jianwen's courage and bold decision to achieve today's strength Ltech technology."Tailor shop" and "clothing factory" have nothing to do with Ltech high-tech enterprise. How did it become an important turning point of Ltech brand?

Around 2000, with the breakthrough of LED technology, ultra high brightness LED gradually applied to the lighting industry. At that time, LED was a novelty in lighting applications. The brightness of white light LED could not reach the lighting application level, and the mainly use RGB LED on decorative color changing lamps.Some foreign trade type domestic enterprises are aware of the international LED new light source application for environmental protection and energy saving, and want to use LED technology in the decorative lamps and lanterns at inland. But at that time, there are few people who understand the LED control technology,not to talk about the current mainstream "intelligent lighting control" concept, such as PWM such as light modulation technology, understand the principles and technology Talent and technical information are fairly short. Under the chance coincidence, the foreign trade lamps and lanterns manufacturers found Lei Jianwen after several twists and turns, and let him try to do LED control technology research and development.This is an opportunity full of opportunities and challenges for science and technology male Lei Jian Wen, who is keen on technology research and development.After repeated consideration, he believes that he can use his own advantages to develop related technologies. After careful consideration, Lei Jianwen decided to work hard and quit his admirable job. At the beginning,he chose the "tailor shop" business model, tailoring clothes to suit customers' customized programming LED control scheme.However, under this mode, Lei Jianwen's technological achievements can not be generalized to other manufacturers, and the workload is large and the efficiency is low.

(The old address of LTECH)

The "tailor shop" maintained for half a year under Lei Jianwen's hard work. There was no big breakthrough in the work, and this kind of work made him unable to precipitate technical experience and make brand effect, and was not conducive to mass production and sales. The "tailor shop" business model made him fall into a bitter thought. Fortunately, he actively seeks to change from the engineer's inherent research spirit and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. He began to analyze business problems from the source, and that is too much "personalized" customization, no standardized products. So he made a decision: "don't be a tailor shop, be a clothing factory."

Through the continuous understanding of the industry, Lei Jian Wen found that the whole LED control field at that time did not have standardized products, and there was no professional LED controller manufacturer in China, only a few foreign lighting brand R & D controllers matched with their own lamps and lanterns. At this time, he felt angry. Why can't Chinese people make products comparable with foreign countries? With this sense of mission and the belief that he dare to do, he secretly set a goal: to set up China's first LED controller manufacturer, to build domestic local brands, to bid for the international market, and strive for one's breath.

As a result, he immediately stopped the "business of the tailor shop" and devoted himself to the "clothing factory" of scale production. As a brand of clothing, every design and production of a garment should be made to the whole country or even around the world to create a Chinese brand. The new transformation means that he has to abandon his previous accumulation and start from scratch.Lei Jianwen has done everything in his own right, and even moved his family into a small factory. No matter how hard it is, his heart of Unswerving building a Chinese brand has never changed. Especially for the products, Lei Jian wen like the craftsman, has high requirements for details, regardless of its appearance, hardware and software, which have persistent adherence and pursuit, find the best raw materials, guarantee the quality of the products, and focus on the development and production of the LED controller suitable for the "clothing factory" model.

(Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition)

(International Lighting Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany)

At this time, the brand has a keen sense of smell, he began to ponder, a tall brand, we must have a memorable name, connotation. After 2 months of hard thinking, a loud brand was born. It is the brand of "LTECH". “LTECH” is combination of “Lighting Technology”. Representative is devoted to the development of "lighting technology"; "Lei Te" is the English translation of "LTECH". "Lei" is "L". It is related to photoelectricity. The "Te" consonant is "T", representing the outstanding and special meaning, which indicates that "LTECH" is a brand of intelligent lighting. Subsequently, Lei Jianwen has also registered "LTECH" and "Xiaolei" and other related trademarks and domain names.

With the successful registration of the trademark, everything is going smoothly. The fact also proves that Lei Jianwen's pattern of making "clothing factory" is right.He withholds the pressure from all sides, and has no expectations, has released the first domestic LED controller LT-3600 series products, invented the world's first optocoupler LED power repeater, first introduced DMX512 technology to the domestic LED lighting industry, dedicated to the research and development of LED intelligent control technology, and the excellent products and technology were applied to the world 10000 In a large scale lighting project.

Yes, LTECH’s "transition" has been successful. But if Lei Jianwen was lost in mind by his temporary achievements and forgot to start his own business.It must go down the downhill soon.He understood that everything must be prepared for danger, and that we should not forget our hearts. Victory is just a small signpost.

In 2009, because of the expansion of the company, LTECH moved away from the small factory in the village and moved to Nanping Science and Technology Park, which was gathered by scientific and technological enterprises. The research and development team was gradually perfected, and the products were sold to the sea and abroad. At this time, he can choose to do other things that are more investment worthy, but he has not! LTECH is his dream. He firmly believes that we must not forget to concentrate on one thing at a time: that is to always insist on making good products and building Chinese brands. As the real estate and stock prices were good, but Lei Jianwen was still not moving, it would be better to put the company's development funds on the bank account, and would not move to other place. This is his dream of the grain, is the responsibility, but also his focus on intelligent illumination.

(The new address of LTECH)

In March 2015, LTECH was successfully listed on the new three board. In the next few years, LTECH has maintained a steady rising trend. In order to achieve greater achievements, Lei Jianwen has been vigilant."What is the driving force of our development? Making more money? This is unreliable and unsustainable. Should be our initial heart, dreams, dedication, a sense of accomplishment, or a feeling, a responsibility! This power is the only one, and it's sustainable! " This is one of the words Lei Jianwen often put in his mouth. He did not forget his first heart, always keeping in mind the goals set by the company, which is the "focus, insistence, persistence" of the craftsman spirit, become LTECH's unique corporate culture, and deeply affect every LTECH’s staff. At present, LTECH technology is building a new headquarters base of more than 21000 square meters of total building area, modern office building and production workshop, first-class sports and entertainment facilities, will reserve more all-around talents for LTECH, together to witness the LTECH brand more rapid takeoff.

(in the construction of the new headquarters of LTECH)

From "tailor shop" to "clothing factory", LTECH with its real quality and strong strength, has witnessed the growth of brand with time, won the market step by step, and won the approval of the vast number of users, and has developed into an international technology company from a small factory. Over the past 10 years, LTECH has always adhered to the core values of "Thanksgiving, struggle, innovation and win-win". Struggle in time, precipitation in the years, is changing LTECH's rapid growth. The eternal is Lei Chu Wen's initial heart and craftsman's feelings.