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Passionate create new splendor - LTECH 15th Anniversary And New Year Gala Evening

Jan 18, 2017

January 16,2017, the “Passionate create new splendor “ themed LTECH 15th Anniversary And New Year Gala Evening held in the palatial five-star hotel Pullman. All LTECH staffs dressed up to go to the gala evening.signature on site,  photograph , every twinkle and smile, show LTECH special Youth, confidence, and charm. LTECH staff with surging passion to participate their own celebration party, better hope each other enter to a new level and brilliance in 2017.

(Venue : Zhuhai Pullman five-star hotel)

In a big round of applause, Board Chairman JianWen Lei leap up to stage,brought the exciting New Year's speech to all the staff, first reviewed the company achieved fruitful results in 2016, LTECH success is via the brand strategy as well as the success of the enterprise culture.Next, Mr.Lei share his fascinating and inspiring “start up” stories as the company founder during the past 15 years , and set a "small target" in 2017, Motivate all staff to seize the moment, go to all lengths, be devoted to the work.

At the time the awards of “10 thousand RMB bonus for the sales team”“2.5thousand RMB bonus for the sales team”“sales champion”“diamond sales”“golden sales” and “excellent employees”have issues.During the gala evening, all the staff have enjoyed the delicious food and cheer up with the drink for the friendship and good wishes to the coming up new year.In the gala evening, LTECH staff have wrote and play the shows: enthusiastic dancing and singing,witty comic dialogue, funny sketch,elaborate chorus...all the shows made a hot atmosphere to the gala evening.The “lucky draw”session during the shows made everyone surprised with 64 prizes! Moreover, board of directors added 30 cash prizes on site and moved forward the party into another climax.

Sweat and glory, Give and gain , LTECH went through the extraordinary fifteen years, work stable in strategic planning, industry layout, leveraged buyouts, equity incentive, attract talent, etc, Steady fast forward, has made glorious achievement, In the New Year, LTECH staff will work together to make performance continued to soar, to create a better future!