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LTECH Technology being selected to the Innovative Top 100 List of NEEQ

Nov 25, 2016

At present, Ltech Technology(Stock code: 832110) was selected to the Top 100 Innovation List at the press conference NEEQ Development Forum - The First NEEQ Top 100 Blue Chip List & Top 100 Innovation List, which was jointly launched and hosted by Xinhuanet, Guangdong Entrepreneurship & Investment Association and Zero One Fertile NEEQ Research Institute.

The First NEEQ Top 100 Blue Chip List & Top 100 Innovation List is called the Double Top 100 List for short. Sifting from nearly 9000 enterprises that went listed on NEEQ before September 2016, 200 enterprises eventually stood out from the rest.

The Double Top 100 List is committed to selecting the top 100 blue chip list and the top 100 innovation list with index value from massive market information, using the selection way based on fairness, justice, publicity and public welfare.The Top 100 Innovation List focuses on standards such as innovation capacity and revenue of enterprise, and selects excellent enterprises with favorable innovative achievements, outstanding social and economic effects, and strong growth. Through professional selection it aims to provide excellent enterprise examples to the development of NEEQ and spread positive energy of industry, and meanwhile, lower costs of seeking excellent targets and improve decision efficiency for extensive institutional investors.

Being selected to the Top 100 Innovation List fully embodies LTECH’s ability and level on independent innovation and enterprise management, also it recognizes and supports LTECH’s persistence in the path of independent innovation development. Taking this as motivation, our company will continue to persist in innovation as core competitiveness of enterprise, strengthen our capacities on technical innovation, enterprise management mode innovation and capital operation innovation, maintain leading advantages of enterprise, and create more value return for extensive customers, shareholders and investors of LTECH.