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Project Case | Internet-famous Music Bar in Shanghai-This Cup Next Second Music Bar

Sep 03, 2021

“Indulge in the bright lighting atmosphere,
Raise your glass and sing songs that flow as freely as the beer.”

Don't go home after work tonight

Come here to explore the other side of life

In today’s case study, we are going to talk about an internet-famous music bar -This Cup Next Second Music Bar in Shanghai, which is located in No.1217 Century Avenue,Pudong Distric,Shanghai(Bailian Century Shopping Center). Spicy Joint Catering Company has invested 20 million yuan to build this new bar.

Sichuan cuisine and Sichuan liquor culture are combined together in this bar
Leisure lifestyle in Chengdu is also brought to Shanghai by the way

The music bar integrates a broad range of services that a bar and a restaurant provide
You can enjoy the good food and wine,beautiful music and wonderful view in the bar

Here you can let yourself put down all the psychological preparedness
Its relaxed atmosphere allows you to completely enjoy yourself

You can see the overall layout under the colorful lights when you step into the bar.The designer broke the original space constraints and connected the first floor to the second floor, making the entire space look more spacious. With light and shadow connected in the whole space, the colorful lights illuminate every corner. Through the use of LTECH DMX decoders, the ultimate dimming and various lighting effects in different areas can be achieved, creating a atmosphere that is suitable for colorful, leisure and romance scenes.

While paying attention to harmony, coordination and unity, the lighting in the music bar achieved the changes in light colors by using the LTECH DMX decoders. The music bar is purple-based and supplemented with bright blue. In addition, the outdoor layout was designed as that of an garden, which lets impetuous guests once again find the freedom and experience the peacefulness.

Under the main tone of purple lighting, yellow and orange lighting are used in the dining area in This Cup Next Second Music Bar. Through the use of LTECH DMX decoder, the changes in color temperature can be achieved. Combined with the well-proportioned stairs on the ceiling, the soft and gradually changing lighting not only enhances the depth of the space, but also effectively eliminates and reduces your eye fatigue.

It is said that encounters may happen when you drink. Overwhelming variety of wine is displayed on the bar counter that is appealing to guests. No matter it is weak wine or hard liquor, there is always suitable wine for you.

When the night begins, the singers will start their wonderful performance. Quiet and sometimes restless music is spread from the stage.LTECH DMX decoders can control DIM, CT, RGB、RGBW、RGBWY light fixtures and through the changes of colors convey the mood of music. The melodious tune combined with unpredictable lighting effects that can directly involve the audience in the performance and resonate with the audience.

From the comfortable lunch time to the early morning, you can not only get an immersive music experience in the music bar, but also enjoy the beautiful environment, good food and wine. Here, you can truly relax yourself.

In This Cup Next Second Music Bar, explore the other side of life rarely seen before,and indulge yourself in the music live show.

Lighting can be delivered with low or high dimming level, cool or warm color temperature, and can create various changing effects. LTECH hopes to impact the occupant emotions through the delicate lighting control, and let them fully enjoy the moments.