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Project case | The manor hotel where you haven't stayed - Rudding Park hotel in the UK

Oct 27, 2018

Rudding Park hotel in Yorkshire, UK, is a hall of fame hotel which has been listed for many years.Won the top three hotel in the UK in 2016; Won the best new Spa award,Yorkshire hotel star and white rose in the UK in 2017;In 2018, it was named one of the 10 best swimming pool hotels in harrogate, and its Horto Restaurant won the 3 AA Rosettes award.

The hotel uses the LTECH DMX decoder solution in the swimming pool and dry and wet steam rooms to create a casual and comfortable lighting atmosphere. Let's take a look at how to design a lighting area.

The hotel is located in the 19th century park green, covering 300 acres, like a wealthy manor house.

Hotel swimming pool

Swimming pools are not exact places to work. For swimmers, the lighting of swimming pools should first provide safety for swimmers.The spotlights on the top of the pool and the round lamps on the wall can effectively control the reflection of the light screen on the water surface, ensuring that there is no visual interference and a comfortable lighting effect environment.The hotel creates a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere through the rhythm, transformation and effect of lighting in the background of the LTECH DMX series.

Steamed house

The hotel's dry steam room continues the traditional Japanese style of wood, and the warm top spotlights create a warm atmosphere. Through the PWM dimming technology of LTECH DMX decoder, 0-100% dimming dynamic effect is achieved, resulting in stable, high-quality dimming effect. Through the use of light strip, the dry steam room is more rich in layering, simple but not simple.

Steam room

The biggest difference between the steaming room and the dry steaming room is that it is more easily surrounded by water vapor during the steaming process, giving people a sense of insecurity in the cloud, not invisible and not afraid of knocking down. Through LTECH DMX series products, the hotel allows the lights to be displayed in different colors, clearly dividing the areas, the most simple and direct to help customers get a sense of security.

The LTECH DMX decoder adopts PWM dimming technology, which can control not only single-color, two-color, RGB, RGBW and other LED lamps, but also achieve 0-100% dimming dynamic effects. It can be added to the standard RDM remote device management protocol and supports DMX512. Signal bidirectional communication, realizes remote read/write DMX address and other management functions. It can easily change the address after installation, greatly reducing the difficulty of secondary operations.

Excellent hotel lighting design can give guests a relaxed and healthy lighting atmosphere, making them feel comfortable. The hotel is configured like a body, so the lighting control brings temperature to this "body" is the "heart". LTECH has always been committed to providing high-quality LED power supply and decoder products to the market, bringing blood supply to the comfortable, intelligent and healthy lighting environment of users around the world.