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Warmly welcome senior officials of ZHUHAI Government to visit LTECH in New Year

Feb 07, 2017

At the beginning of 2017 new year, a team of senior officials from Zhuhai Government are accompanied by HAIMING GONG,the secretary of Zhuhai Municipal Committee and QIYING LAU,the chief of Xiangzhou District , Zhuhai Government have visited LTECH and brought their best wishes & guidance to inspire LTECH team to fight for greater prosperity in 4th.Feb.2017.

During this time, JIANWEN LEI, the CEO of LTECH has reported LTECH’S 2016 Production &management status and 2017 planning of LTECH development.After visiting our R&D center,Production Workshop, Sales Departments and Product Exhibition Hall, HAIMING GONG encouraged us to insist on innovation in technology ,to develop more stable and stronger in market; in order to provide more new products with intelligence, energy saving, health and comfort.