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LTECH’s 5-Day Training Camp for Whole House Intelligence and Lighting Consultant Came to a Successful End

Oct 18, 2021

On October 14th, LTECH training camp for lighting consultant came to a successful end! Through exchanges, learning and examinations in the past 5 days, trainees across the country learned a lot. The trainees said that the four-day training course and the one-day examination laid a solid foundation for the following lighting service work. This is a valuable pre-job training.

Under the general trend of market demand, the professional level of home lighting design largely determines the quality of service to customers. In order to provide more comprehensive and high-quality services, LTECH cooperated with eLicht Lighting Institute and invited senior industry lecturers to carry out Lighting Consultant Training for distributors to improve their capabilities of home smart lighting design in all aspects.

LTECH expects that through professional training this time, its distributor trainees can master the basic knowledge of interior lighting design, understand intelligent control technology and product features, and improve professional service expression skills and sales skills. Therefore, trainees are able to provide comprehensive professional services such as light fixture design and selections, and solution explanations according to user demand for indoor lighting environments.

Expert lecturers delivered lessons and gave a comprehensive training

During four day and four night’s study, the two founders president Cao Chuanshuang and teacher Xu Qinghui from eLicht, delivered useful knowledge to trainees in a comprehensive and systematic way, including lighting applications, lighting solutions, work flow, model, method of making a deal in 8 steps, home lighting design and solution making.

Trainees learned humbly and actively interacted to promote improvements

During the learning process, trainees listened intently and took notes carefully, who feared that they may miss out on some useful knowledge. In class , they actively interacted with the lecturer and raised the questions they felt confused, then the lecturer would answer the questions earnestly. The students benefited a lot from the professional and vivid explanations by teachers, the sharing and interpretation of actual cases, and the interactive questions and answers in the class, group assignments and report comments.

Live lighting operational training

During the daytime, trainees actively studied theories and interacted with each other. In the evening, they conducted the solution battle. All of these they did is just for improvements , making more professional and outstanding solutions, and serving customers more professionally.

Tested trainees on their understanding of knowledge through
theoretical knowledge and practice test

After four day and four night’s training, the exam of Lighting Consultant lasted one day. The theoretical knowledge test was conducted in the morning and practice test in the afternoon. The trainees who passed the exam can obtain the official certificate that China Association of Lighting Industry issued. The trainees actively reviewed, prepared for battle calmly, and strived to become more professional practitioners in the lighting industry.

Stepped into LTECH headquarters to have a in-depth exchange and learning

The five-day course has ended. On October 15th, the trainees came to LTECH headquarters to learn and exchange ideas. From the company's development history, R&D strengths, workshop production, quality inspection system, to cooperation services and policies, the trainee group conducted in-depth inspections and discussions to lay a good foundation for the next in-depth cooperation.

Our mission is “ Focus on technological innovation, improve lighting quality”. LTECH stays committed to becoming the leading brand of global intelligent lighting solutions. Currently, LTECH has completed its initial plan. Regional distributors has covered Beijing,Guangzhou,Chengdu and other hottest cities in China. We are now still seeking for other regional distributors. Welcome to consult with us!