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News | LTECH first working day of 2019

Feb 18, 2019

After a long rest of Chinese new year festival ,LTECH people start to work at Feb.24,2019.

Chinese traditional first working day come across western Valentines Day,LTECH prepared gifts for every employee.everyone for in love at LTECH at this day.

Holiday syndrome?Never exist in LTECH.

We are so exciting about red bag and surprise received CEO Mr. LEI’s big red bag.

GuangDong province is the most friendly place for single.

Single can receive red bag from married!

Just say “GongXiFaCai” to married singles will receive red bag.

Make money so easy this day.

Wish everyone has a wonderful 2019 beginning

New beginning ,New journey

LTECH is a big stage,every one is leading actor at the stage

LTECH developing need everyone’s dedication

At the new year start,run for new target