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Beijing High function Gymnasium - Beijing Gym Essence

Jul 31, 2017

"Beijing Gym Essence" is a distinctive gym, with a traditional gym in a different design style, the gym in the lighting design using a large number of bold and trendy elements, to meet the functional lighting at the same time, so that the overall sense of space clean , Avant-garde.

Beijing Gym Essence used LTECH WiFi lighting control system and music controller and other products, to achieve the gym within the different partition of the ultimate dimming effect. So that customers in the fitness movement at the same time feel the spirit of fresh and refreshing, physical and mental relaxation and enjoyment. How do you make the boring gym more attractive? In this issue we will explore the Beijing Gym Essence lighting project.

In this case, for the functional requirements of the gym, LTECH in the system control mode, control functions to provide a comprehensive solution, according to the different areas of the gym intelligent lighting control, the gym on-site multi-function panel partition, take independent and centralized control methods to control the lighting system, all lighting can be through the control panel, remote control, iOS or Android device wireless control. Thereby improving the efficiency of integrated system management of the gym.

Strength training area, dynamic cycling classrooms and HIIT classroom with intense music with the combination of dynamic lighting and color match, through the visual atmosphere of active space, so that customers are full of exploration in the fitness, continuous driving force.

(HIIT classroom lighting effect)

Dressing room decorated with the projection of the ground warm light, with elegant style with a soft fitted, stylish high-definition clothes mirror, not only practical, but also increase the level of space

(Dressing area lighting effect)

Music is the finishing touch of the gym, LTECH customized for the gym exclusive solution with the music controller, a wealth of space for the gym room lighting. whether it is heavy or light, can form a graceful space atmosphere, Simple control and dark with the combination of light and shadow for the customer in the process of fitness to create a kind of extreme music and lighting environment.

(Dressing area lighting effect)

LT-209 Music Controller - supports matrix mode and linear mode. Matrix mode based on the input or rhythm of the field receiving to come into being the corresponding geometric high led color and achieve the effect of rolling jump, make a music led screen. The linear mode uses a single audio data to control the brightness of all the pixels of the LED fixture, using the light to create a different environment. LT-209 music controller supports third-party DMX512 interface, can achieve DMX management mode, and built-in 16 changing modes, including a black effect, 13 static colors.

As China's first commitment to LED intelligent control technology research and development of enterprises, LTECH LED controller, intelligent driver have been applied in many large-scale lighting projects around the word. WiFi control system and DMX controller in this project has been highly recognized by customers. In the future, LTECH , strive to provide first-class products and the best solution to make the light bloom artistic charm as always.