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Project Case | HUAWEI’s Largest Global Flagship Store

Jul 02, 2020

Video of the grand opening of HUAWEI’s largest global flagship store

On June 24, Huawei's global flagship store has grandly opened. After 85 years of historical changes, Nanjing Building has transformed into a ”Urban Hall",being a local communities for leisure and entertainment, learning and sharing, and developing creativity. With the total commercial space of nearly 5,000㎡, it is Huawei’s largest global flagship store so far.

Outdoor Scene

Inheriting the classic, it combined ancient culture with modern design. And the whole scene smart life experience area is a new space integrating technology, future, experience, learning, life and communication. LTECH is proud to be the supplier of intelligent drivers for Huawei's global flagship store. Next, please follow me to explore the mystery of Human Centric Lighting brought by Huawei and LTECH.


Atrium Ceiling

The flagship store itself has set up the substantial public space and the patio of the original old building has also returned to "Atrium", with wide stepladder connecting to each floor. The ceiling of atrium simulates natural changes of sunlight in order to enable each consumer enjoy the humanistic experience of sunlight pouring down in seconds while they are communicating and discussing.

The First Floor

The Lighting Spot on the First Floor

The first floor of the flagship store serves as a product experience area where the high permeability glass windows were designed with lighting film to create a natural lighting environment. A large area of lighting film is able to smoothly and evenly disperse light. It works with LTECH intelligent dimmable drivers and the lighting is changing quietly ensuring the soft and comfortable vision in the store all day, which is conducive to consumers to enjoy the future moments in the store.

Whole Scene Experience Area on the Second Floor

As a whole scene experience area, the second floor was divided into five major scenes: smart home, mobile office, sport health, smart travel, video and entertainment, where consumers can experience the future life brought by the latest black technology. LTECH LED intelligent dimmable drivers can realize 0.01-100% depth dimming and satisfy the diversified requirements of light intensity in the experience area on the second floor.

The Third Floor

To celebrate the opening ceremony, the activity” Display of New Image Photography Exhibition “was held on the third floor. Through the lens of renowned Wangkai Photograph and local photographers in Shanghai, consumers were led to appreciate the graceful demeanor of Shanghai beach and the vicissitudes of Nanjing East Road. At the very moment with mixed feelings, as modern persons, we always cannot help taking photos.

Use Huawei P40 Pro to verify the high-speed shooting process of 7680 frames / s on the spot

LTECH DALI DT8 Tunable White Driver, its high frequency exemption level has been verified by Huawei P40 pro on the spot. There is no any flicker and ripple in the whole process of high-speed shooting of the mobile phone at 7680 frames / s, which makes photographic effects more perfect. Meanwhile, no flicker makes viewers feel comfortable without tiredness even for long time stay.

LTECH DALI DT8 Tunable White Driver

• DALI DT8 Tunable White Driver was used to ultimately restore the sunlight , and the tunable white changes of lighting were changed delicately according to time nodes. Its separate constant power design can adjust tunable white and also keep the brightness all the time, which is more suitable for the Human Centric lighting requirements;

• Achieve 0.01% - 100% depth dimming and meet the diversified requirements of light intensity in different areas;

• LTECH intelligent drivers have passed IEEE 1789 flicker test standard and its high-quality drivers provide healthy lighting intelligent environments for audience. Either it is shot by mobile phones , or by professional TV programs, there will be no any ripple and they makes perfect photo effects.(For more flicker details, please click here)

• Innovative thermal management technology automatically protected in case of over temperature , short circuit and overload so that it improves the safety of global flagship store;

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Such a treasure like Huawei's global flagship store, is always waiting for people to explore, so is LTECH. LTECH is always ready to be the most intimate invisible companion of every lighting scenes.

Installation drawings on the spot