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Project Case | Smart showroom of Beijing CR Future city

Apr 08, 2019

Recently, the intelligent exhibition hall of the Smart Exhibition Hall, which was uniquely created in the China Resources Future City project, has been officially opened to the public. It integrates regional plate planning and urban industrial development, and presents a new ecology of future office scenes.

In the interactive experience hall area, China Resources cleverly hides the light source inside the wall, and the light fills the entire space evenly, thus highlighting the overall effect of clean and bright. The common design elements such as the luminous wall, the metal mesh, the air conditioner, and the fresh air outlet are recombined and sorted, and the future is not unreachable. The ordinary things are subtly designed to present a new future.

On the illuminating wall, China Resources has built the brand tree and the “future and growth number” with the concept of “woody, fruitful and fruitful”. Through the design of soft touch screen, technology has become more appropriate, and the temperature shows the China Resources Group. Industrial radiation. At the same time, the LTECH LTSA512 programmable master and DMX decoder are used for lighting control, and the powerful computer programming software can satisfy the user's arbitrary or cool or romantic color lighting effects. At the same time, it can realize centralized control of multiple areas of light at the same time, low-brightness and no stroboscopic dimming effect, to meet the lighting needs of key lighting.

The audio-visual hall uses lighting to make the lighting design, which makes the space more rich in layering, simple but not simple. Through the LTECH PWM digital dimming technology, the 0-100% dimming dynamic effect is achieved, resulting in stable, high-quality dimming effect.

In the interactive sandbox, there is a dynamic interactive sandbox, and below is the display, which is a building made of acrylic. Through an innovative liftable sand table, the project is planned in an all-dimensional way, forming a complete understanding of the entire region and expectations for the future.

When it comes to the second floor, "people-oriented" can be said to be an absolute keyword. Because all the technology is all around the people in the design subject, returning to the attention of people themselves.

In the office experience hall, each Ketron elite can independently adjust the temperature, lighting, and table height settings according to individual needs to achieve efficient work in a healthy office.

In the smart conference hall, you don't have to switch between the "normal conference room" and "brainstorming" modes, the voice call is fixed in one second, and the real-time text conversion of the voice, each moment recording the creative ideas about the world, easy and powerful.

In the road show hall, the interior space lighting is designed by a plurality of evenly distributed spotlights at the top, so that when the science and technology elite comes in, there is a sudden and cheerful feeling, which stimulates thinking and better breaks the boundaries of interpersonal communication.

In order to better present the "people-oriented" considerations, the leisure exhibition hall adopts the wooden floor and leather sofa closest to daily life, and looks for the most ideal state of healthy office from the perspective of human beings.

LTECH · Create Excellent Goods with Heart

When contacting the China Resources Future Smart Showroom project, we can feel similar high-end commercial venues, and the environmental quality requirements will only be higher and higher, and visual as the first sense of people, high-standard lighting applications are particularly important. Most of the high-end commercial sites use the lamps and control systems of the first-line brands at home and abroad, and the dimming power supply and controllers that connect the lamps and control systems play a pivotal role.

The China Resources Future Smart Showroom uses Schneider's smart system for overall control. LTECH system is responsible for lighting control and is perfectly integrated with the Schneider system. After the client performs DIY scene programming in the background, one-click can remotely realize the different brightness of different regions and different brightness requirements of different scenes. At the same time, it has a third-party interface, which can be perfectly compatible with other brands to realize other intelligent scene applications other than illumination.

The lighting gives the building a reiki, and the lighting gives the environment a different atmosphere. LTECH has always insisted on technological innovation, and is committed to providing first-class products and best solutions, and is committed to creating the most unique and unique use environment for each project, helping customers to enhance the value of the project.