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Project Case | LTECH Offered Smart Lighting Solutions for Multiple Honor Life Stores

Oct 21, 2022

In 2022, Honor built multiple unique experiential stores across the country based on urban culture and buying habits of people. To better present the interior and display the products, Honor collaborated with LTECH to create an excellent smart lighting solution.

Integrating the feature of socialization into the experiential store

Honor Life Store in Shenzhen(Coastal City Store)

Shenzhen is a young city where people have a very fast pace in their life and work. The store’s business model integrates multiple activities like shopping, learning, socializing is more suitable for Shenzhen people. To create such a store that fits the business model, it is important to adopt a correct lighting solution for providing various lighting according to different scenarios. Shenzhen Honor Life Store used LTECH DMX signal amplifiers and DMX LED drivers together to create the ideal lighting effects.

Compared with the previous image, Shenzhen Honor Life Store use the color of beach morning light for store interior, no gray, white or black added to it. LTECH intelligent DMX LED drivers can dim lights down to 0.1% and deliver flicker-free lighting that complies with the IEEE1789 standard and reaches the high frequency exemption level. Not only can the lighting match the interior design, but also it meets various requirements, such as improving human visual comfort, shooting high quality images without stroboscopic effect and meeting the flicker standard of the stroboscope. The high quality light enables Honor fans to directly take great photos in the store that require no post-production. At the same time, they have better user experience of Honor smart products.

Different from disorganized product displays of traditional experiential stores, several areas are divided in the Shenzhen Honor Life Store for displaying different living scenes, such as sports and health area, audio and video area and smart office area. With LTECH DMX control system, the RGBW light strips are controlled to create the optimal atmospheres for different areas.

In the early stage of LED development, LTECH introduced DMX technology to the LED industry in China and developed DMX512 decoders, which enable DMX512 protocol to work well with LED lamps and greatly promoted the development and growth of DMX technology in China.

Designed as immersive space for product experience

Honor Life Store on Bell Tower Street, Taiyuan

Located on the Bell Tower Street that has a long history in Taiyuan, Honor Life Store becomes a new landmark building in Taiyuan with ancient and modern elements. The facade of the store building features the style of Shanxi’s ancient architectures and the interior is created to grant a feeling of futurism by using cool-toned furniture and reflective mirror. LTECH intelligent 0-10V LED drivers are used to make the interior lighting, creating a strong contrast to the bright, warm and minimal design language of the interior and providing a better new retail space for consumers to learn about the Honor brand and experience the Honor smart lifestyle.

Bright signage is combined with simple architectural lighting and simple windows. In the store, people can learn about the brand development process in this 2-floor space. LTECH intelligent 0-10 LED drivers have integrated T-PWM super depth dimming technology that can dim lights down to 0.1% and deliver flicker-free lighting across the range. The provided lighting complies with the IEEE1789 standard and reaches the high frequency exemption level, meeting the lighting requirements under different scenarios.

The new Honor store in Taiyuan integrates multiple activities together to create an immersive full-scenario retail experience. There is a maintenance area with floor-to-ceiling glass, where visitors can observe the technical process of engineers repairing products on site. A socializing area is set on the first floor, where visitors can hold different conversations on topics. To design lighting for multiple theme spaces in the store that covers an area of 720㎡, LTECH intelligent 0-10V drivers were selected. The ultra-low power consumption interface of LTECH 0-10V drivers significantly reduce the cost of commercial lighting layout. Up to 200 LED drivers can be connected on the same circuit, hence wiring costs on circuits can be greatly reduced. Moreover, 0-10V drivers automatically recognize 0-10V and 1-10V input signals, saving time on construction sites.

Minimalist aesthetics of commercial space

Honor Flagship Store in Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Located in the Nanshan Science & Technology Park, Shenzhen Honor Flagship Store is designed as a super practical experiential store with spacious space and minimal modern product display to adapt to minimalist offices and productive working styles of white-collar employees. Visitors can easily see all the display inside the store. LTECH DMX signal amplifiers and intelligent LED drivers are used to provide the right lighting for such a minimalist multifunctional store.

The store integrates multimedia presentations and product displays together in the store, which needs precise control of illuminance. With LTECH DMX signal amplifiers, signals can be enlarged and distributed to multiple ports. There is photoelectric isolation between input port and output port to avoid signal interference. The DMX signal amplifiers work nicely with DMX LED drivers to dim LED lights down to 0.1% and to produce more delicate lighting.

Different store interior designs and functions need different types of lighting. With nearly 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, LTECH provided lighting technical support for multiple Honor stores across the country that enables the integration of aesthetics and functions of lighting.