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LTECH Chairman Mr.Lei Jianwen has been selected to be 2016 "Guangdong Special Support plan" leading technology entreprencurship talent

May 02, 2017

Recently, According to the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department which hosted the 2016 "Guangdong Special Support plan" science and technology pioneer talent selection activities announced, Mr. Lei Jianwen, chairman of our company have been selected come to the fore, glorious selected and received special government incentives to support the development.

The chairman and founder Mr. Lei Jianwen has more than 10 years of research and development experience in LED intelligent lighting industry , with his profound insight and a keen sense of judgment on the market . Where there is not the concept of intelligent lighting in the domestic, he began to specialize in the field of intelligent lighting, created a variety of classic intelligent lighting products. In the process of creating and developing LTECH, Mr. Lei Jianwen has accumulated rich management experience and formed a distinctive business philosophy, leading all employees in the continuous innovation for enterprises to win a broader development prospects. After years of accumulated technology, LTECH has a number of independent intellectual property rights and provides a large number of high-quality products and solutions in the lighting industry. During the six years of the establishment of the company, Mr. Lei Jianwen forward faster step by step in the company's strategic planning, industrial layout, financing acquisitions, equity incentives, attracting talent and other aspects . The company for four consecutive years of operating income of more than 50% growth, and now LTECH has become the leading LED intelligent lighting controller brand and the "national high-tech enterprises", in March 2015 LTECH has successfully listed in the new three board (stock code: 832110), after the listed the company has played a rapid development in the capital market and product markets both areas, and achieved remarkable results.

Mr. Lei Jianwen, Chairman and General Manager of Zhuhai Ltech Technology Co., Ltd.

The Guangdong provincial government selection of high-level, influential, participants and many enthusiasts. the chairman and company development of Lei Jianwen won the "pioneer in science and technology entrepreneurship" with the recognition and encouragement and will inspire the founder of the company to adhere to the future of innovation and technology to guide the future development of Reiter, to achieve the goal of bigger and stronger


May 02, 2017