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Project Case | How to play the concert lights?

Jan 30, 2018

Recently, Chinese Hong Kong singer zheng xiuwen's concert is kicked off in the Venetian Macao, with the sound of reverberation around the scene and the lighting of the stage is intoxicating. How does the engineering party make such gorgeous stage lighting effect? Today, I will show you the lighting project of zheng xiuwen's concert.

The success of a concert, the stage lighting effect plays a very important role.In making and adjusting the atmosphere of the scene, the amazing stage lighting can stimulate the resonance of the scene that make people can't forget it.Otherwise, it makes the program dull and unattractive.

Music's mood determines the sense of the light.Stage lights convey the emotion of music through color, rendering the audience present.For example, warm and passionate music, the light usually use warm color, red, yellow and so on, while the minor is euphemistic music, which can be used in blue and cool colors.

The rhythm of music determines the rhythm of the light.Play between a tune with a prelude, vice rhythm, melody, and other components, lighting should be divided into different parts, lights will be through the duration, intensity, color and category changes to reflect the length of notes, sound intensity, the change of pitch and timbre.

however, there are variety of stage lamp, like LED light string, LED point light, SMD spotlights, soft flex neon lamp, LED guardrail tube, wall lights, pixel screen, high-power flood light and other LED digital lighting, in the face of such a wide category of lamps, how to reasonably control on the stage lights, to show the ideal light dynamic effect?

LTECH through application to make the best interpretation of the Sammi Cheng concert stage, which is using LTECH DMX - SPI decoder, the stage DMX512 digital signal is converted to SPI (TTL) digital signal, through the DMX512 control computer controller built-in function call, can select the change mode, speed, etc; Have DMX decoder model at the same time, using the control table above edit control IC driven LED lamps, and can control the LED lamp each channel, 0-100% dimmer dynamic effect, make the performance stage lighting with singer to play perfect fusion.

The lighting of zheng xiuwen's concert will rise and fall with music atmosphere, thus transforming into the effect of changeable light and shadow, which not only makes the fans have a good view, but also makes the lighting control more convenient and accurate.LTECH since the establishment in 16 years, the products are used in various large and medium-sized stage, such as the CCTV Spring Festival gala, the CCTV National Day opera concert, golden film festival, China's new song stage engineering, the high quality product for stage performance show a colorful bright colors and the dynamic effect of dazzling. At this concert, nearly 20,000 fans and idols were singing and singing, and the fans' admiration for idols was released by the light. LTECH carefully interprets the meaning of the light, and creates an unforgettable moment with the boutique.