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Project Case | luxurious hotel of Hilton - Tianjin Conrad Hotel

Sep 03, 2019

On August 19th, 2019, Tianjin Conrad Hotel who is luxury hotel of Hilton brand grandly opened. With a total area of 84,000 square meters, the hotel has 10 floors and 375 rooms. It is located in the downtown area of Nankai, Tianjin, which rich of history and culture.

Hotel exterior

Opening ceremony

Ten seconds to bring you the Tianjin Conrad


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About Conrad Hotel

The hotel brand named after the founder, Conrad is regarded as the highest-class ultra-luxury hotel brand under the Hilton Group. Since it established more than 30 years age , who just opened more than 30 hotels worldwide, 9 of them in China. Hilton have cautious and strictly demand for his brand expansion.

2019 is an epoch-making year for Hilton. This year, Hilton celebrated its 100th anniversary and become a century-old store. As the leading brand in intelligent lighting control area with 18 years experience, LTECH with strongest technology and artistic products can match with Tianjin Conrad Hotel.


The tonality, style and grade of hotel are largely reflected in the lobby. The first impression of the lobby is a first sight of the whole hotel. looking around in the hotel lobby, the tall and gorgeous bead curtain wall is impressed in the eyes, and the delicate lights are sprinkled along the bead curtains throughout the lobby to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.


The rooms at Conrad Hotel are elegantly decorated in a light colour scheme for a simple and comfortable feel. Entering the door, the curtains are automatically opened, the natural light enters the room, make rooms extraordinarily transparent and warm. At the same time, the soft strips are installed on the side cove of the ceiling, matched with spotlights gives the room full of culture ,which makes the space fresh and artistic, and full of artistic beauty.

Room details


The hotel has 3 different themed restaurants - Yi Xuan, Mei Ting and Zhu Ying. These restaurants divided regions by adjustable lighting. The atmosphere is not ostentatious, restrained artistic conception. The details are exquisite and varied, guests can enjoy both taste and sight .

Chinese restaurant -Yi Xuan

Japanese restaurant- Mei Ting

special restaurant- Zhu Ying

The hotel's swimming pool can only be described as dreamlike. When you swim in it, the moment you come out of the water, the light and the water merge into one, everything looks so dreamy, even a little unreal.

swimming pool

In the banquet hall, the empty space fully uses crystal chandeliers and light to reflect, and the glare-free light makes the space full, making the space full of vitality and calm.

banquet hall

In Tianjin Conrad hotel, a large number of LTECH 0-10V LED intelligent dimming driver adopted.

The T-PWM ultra-deep digital dimming technology, changing light so delicately that human eyes can’t fell the brightness changed;

Can achieve 0.01%-100% deep dimming to satisfy the hotel different areas with different light intensity demand .

When guest is in a flicker environment for a long time, will fell anxiety and discomfort,with LTECH flicker free dimming technology can solve the above problems and improve customer comfort and return rate. Kinds of Shooting and high-speed photography in slow motion will not create ripples, making photos and photography more perfect (more "flicker" knowledge can click here)

With the most advanced digital circuit design, built-in high-performance MCU, support 5-in-1 dimming interface , 100% compatible with various brands’ dimmers and control systems on the market, providing the best choice for commercial lighting control.