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LTECH took part in the Changzhou Lighting Expo

Nov 24, 2016

The China Changzhou Lighting Expo and LED Lighting Fair was grandly opened from Nov. 16th to Nov. 18th.

The lighting industry is not unfamiliar with Changzhou, which was famous as “Jiangnan Pearl”. As famous lighting production base in China, industrial clusters come into being with Changzhou, Danyang and Yangzhou, which was centered by Changzhou. Meanwhile, Changzhou is also the international industrialization base of semiconductor lighting, whose output value exceeds a hundred billion. Besides, Changzhou was once rated by Forbes as one of the Best Commercial cities.

On the Changzhou Lighting Expo this year, various designs of fashionable, beautiful, smart and exquisite Touch pad controllers and Remote controllers from LTECH were well favored by project traders and buyers. Many orders have been received from them during the Expo.

The DALI, 0/1-10V, DMX and Triac dimmable drivers, WIFI/RF controllers and SPI Fantastic Color Controllers are all shown in neat order on the display board, waiting for the “Parade” of clients.

LTECH items can always be the superstar, the operation zone of Intelligent Dimming Driver attracted so many visitors, asking for more details and handling by themselves,even trying to place orders at present.

One customer from Nanjing said, time limit at HK Fair for more details on the dimmable drivers. Today after experienced, LTECH Dimming Driver does realize 0.1-100% indepth dimming, flicker free.

LTECH is a front runner of China LED Lighting Control manufacturer. Thousands of illuminating engineering projects have been widely used, such as Landmarks, Star Hotel,Mall etc. LTECH insists on developing high-tech innovation, committing to providing first-class products and best solutions, creating more values for customers.