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Project Case | The Simple Aesthetics of Beijing Zhushanchuan Tea Chamber

Dec 21, 2020

Tea is an important part of Chinese tradition

Tea consumption has remained a practice of daily life for many Chinese

Warm up the bitter winter with a pot of hot tea

With a cup of tea, stretch your body to start the day

And provide you quick relief after a long day

 Tea tasting and good conversation with friends in contemporary era

 Great and comfortable lighting environment is also essential

Next, come with us to experience

The Elegance and serenity of Beijing Zhushanchuan Tea Chamber

From interior and exterior design to lighting ambiance

All of them presents the most simple aesthetics

Spot light, LED strip and natural light are perfectly combined

Work with LTECH 0-10V dimmable LED drivers

Dimming down to 0.01%

Meet the different demands of light intensity in different areas of the tea chamber

For LTECH flicker-free dimming technology

It provides comfortable light that is easy on your eyes

No matter how long you’ve been communicating with your friends

It also produces smooth and  continuous images even under the slow-motion video

For private room lighting

Each functional area is clearly divided by lighting

Dining area uses a more concentrated light source

That futures more tempting dishes

And general lighting delivers the overall light throughout the leisure room

Also creates an overview of the room.

LTECH 0-10V dimmable LED drivers have its original T-PWM super depth dimming technology

Generating precise and digital dimming without changing its color rendering index

That make all furnishings appear in high definition and true color.

In such a comfortable lighting environment

People are more willing to open their hearts and have a good

conversation with friends

Comfortable light are emitted on irregular furnishings

Greatly matched with natural light

LTECH Intelligent 0-10V LED drivers with soft dim technology

Make a very gradual and smooth lighting transformation

When you are drinking here

Let you enjoy the natural changes of lighting

LTECH Intelligent 0-10V LED drivers

Not only can dim down to 0.01%

But also are designed with the advanced digital circuit

The built-in high performance MCU supports five in one dimming with no flicker

0-10V, 1-10V,10VPWM, adjustable resistor and PUSH DIM

100% compatible with different brands of dimmers in the market and control systems

Being the great choice for commercial lighting