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Honor | New breakthrough. LTECH won the 2018 Aladdin Lamp Award·Top Ten Technology Awards!

Jun 26, 2018

On June 9th, 2018, the 2018 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and the Aladdin Magic Light Awards Ceremony with the theme of "Light Story - You and Me" was held at Langham Place Hotel next to Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center.LTECH was invited to participate in the event, and together with nearly 600 industry experts and other persons in the lighting industry.

Known as the "Oscar of lighting industry", the Aladdin Lamp Award is the most popular and most influential selection in the lighting industry. The organizers of Aladdin Lamp Awards received 1,203 submissions, 905 preliminary examinations passed, and finally total 40 awards have been selected from 134 outstanding awards including “Top Ten Products, Top Ten Technology, Top Ten Projects, Top Ten Designs”.

New breakthrough in LTECH technology

After awarding the 2018 Aladdin Lamp . Technology Award, the Final Review Committee conducted a full discussion and review of the 134 Awards for Excellence Awards, and finally voted for the top 10 outstanding projects in each category. LTECH's TRIAC dimming driver with "artificial intelligence" identification technology has been further recognized by industry experts and won the Top Ten Technology Awards of 2018 Aladdin Lamp Award.

Video of LTECH 2018 Aladdin Lamp Awarding

About the Aladdin Lamp Award

Founded by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd., the organizer of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. This year is the 6th year of Aladdin Light Awards. In the past 6 years, more than 580 outstanding projects including product, technology, design and engineering have been selected through the platform to encourage the industry to maintain the spirit of innovation. And the atmosphere of benign competition, while setting the industry benchmark, to make an important contribution to the development of China's lighting industry.

Awarding product introduction

LTECH TRIAC dimming driver with "artificial intelligence" identification technology has effectively solved the problem of poor dimming effect and poor compatibility of TRIAC driver. Subverting the traditional innovations of the analog interface, the dimming driver of the analog interface is as accurate as the digital signal, and the dimming effect and compatibility are close to the extreme, which makes this traditional technology happen.

Artificial intelligence, high compatibility

LTECH TRIAC dimming driver has built-in “artificial intelligence” algorithm, which has complete self-analysis learning ability, automatic calibration and adjustment of hardware parameter thresholds, and automatically generates a reasonable dimming program for each Triac dimmer, to make the dimming effect close to the extreme, precise, to achieve the true "smart" dimming, compatible with most brands of dimmers and dimming systems.

No flicker index reaches the exemption level

The "National Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai)" has no stroboscopic test to achieve the exemption assessment level, and the high-quality driver provides customers with a healthy and non-hazardous lighting environment.

0-100% dimming, Max0.1% dimming depth

To adopt T-PWM digital dimming technology, the dimming effect makes the human eye feel more comfortable. In addition, it solves the common chromatic aberration problem of the general dimming method and guarantees the best color rendering index of the luminaire.

Wide voltage adaptation range, wide 8 current selection

Take a 25W Triac constant current dimming driver of LTECH as an example, with 200mA, 300mA, 400mA, 500mA, 600mA, 700mA, 800mA and 900mA, 8 current selection, easy to apply to different specifications of lamps.

Multiple protection,more safety.

Fully protected flame-retardant driver enclosure is safer, equipped with short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection, providing comprehensive protection for lamps and drivers.

Behind every glory

All of them are the professional and persistent people of LTECH.

LTECH Technology, with professional lighting control

Give life to the building, give the soul to the space

In the future, LTECH will strive for more.