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XiaoLei| Lighting design about 3 rooms apartment

Jul 23, 2019

After hard work of apartment’s decoration and taking picture to memorialize the moment.But disappointing the decoration is so ordinary. The most reason maybe used wrong lights .

Lighting is the simplest, cheapest, and most convenient "filter" in the home.

Good lighting is comfortable and convenient for home use.

Today use 3 rooms apartment to explain how to use lighting’s layout to make house looks special and high quality .

First understand two basic concepts: lighting type, lighting style .

Lighting type

We usually divide the lights into three categories: ambient light, contour light, and focus light.

Ambient light including the largest lighting range. It can't see the light source and direction and with soft illumination. This series lamp such like ceiling light, recessed lights and wall lamps.

Contour light emphasizes the contours of walls, ceilings, etc., creating the space’s stereovision , this series lamp such like light strip.

Focus light with narrow illumination range. It is mainly used to create partly atmosphere.This series lamp such like chandeliers, spotlights, standing lamps, table lamps, foot lamps, and so on.

Different light, different lighting

Lighting style

Under ambient lighting:

Semi-direct illumination - the center light source is bright, the illumination range is large and soft.

Diffuse lighting - The illumination range is large and soft.

Semi-indirect lighting - illumination with large range but is dim, and with mellow atmosphere.

Indirect lighting - illumination is dim and with mellow atmosphere.

Under Contour light:

Direct lighting — placed at the of the ceiling and the wall, illuminates the details of the wall and installed on the TV wall.

Semi-indirect lighting - upward light can heighten the ceiling, and downward light can assist lighting.

Semi-indirect lighting - illumination with large range but is dim, and with soft atmosphere.

Indirect lighting - the light is reflected on the ceiling, avoid shadows, and heighten the ceiling visual suitable for contour lighting.

Under focus light:

Direct lighting - light directly down, easy have shadows,have large illumination range , suitable for partly lighting and accent lighting.

Direct + Indirect Lighting - large illumination range and easy have shadows.

Light layout

Base on the lighting basic concepts,now show how to make lighting layout for 3 rooms apartment.

Bedroom lighting solutions

The bedroom as private and relaxing space which we stay longest time for resting ,for thinking and so on .The space should be with relax ,warm, romantic, quiet and so on lighting atmosphere. What’s these points for bedroom lighting combination ?

1. Choose four sets of anti-glare spotlights as main ambient light .which is easy to create a free atmosphere and its illumination makes the ceiling more transparent and the light is mellow.

2. Install a bedside lamp as contour light, which not only satisfy reading needs but also echoes the ambient. We should pay attention to avoid anti-glare and sub-spot retreat of the lamp. it is better to choose dimmable lamps or dimmable driver to achieve .which is more humanistic and pleasant .

3. The wardrobe can be installed lights on hanger beam and these lights can be controlled by sensor, this is helpful for clothing choice and adds an atmosphere to the room.

4. To satisfy the demand of mid-night get up , the night light should be installed at 300mm above the ground .

Living Room Lighting Solutions

The living room has a variety of uses such as meeting, watching TV, family chat, etc. The lighting should have certain adjustability, and install different levels of light to meet the needs of different occasions.

1. Selecting a main light that matches the shape and space as the base ambient light. Note that the surface of the luminaire should be soft when illuminated, thus ensuring visual comfort and avoiding glare.

2. The area of the TV wall is illuminated with low-brightness diffuse light to reduce the contrast between the screen and the background to prevent visual fatigue.

3. Choosing wall-level focus lighting with basic ambient light illumination in the sofa wall area.

4. Creating a layered and flexible space by space environment lighting with a light strip.

Restaurant Lighting Solutions

It is a place for family to dine and communicate. As the center of every family, everything here will be built around the table. The performance of lighting on food and the perfect presentation of facial expressions are particularly important.

1. Choosing a common chandelier to meet your desktop lighting needs and create a comfortable and full light environment. Note that the chandelier should be hung above the eyes to avoid obscuring the line of sight of the person sitting on the opposite side. The distance between the table and the lower edge of the luminaire should be about 80-90cm.

2. Walls and decorations are illuminated by focus light, which not only creates an attractive space atmosphere, but also increases the sense of space by repeatedly staying in different positions in the space.

Study lighting program

Bright, glare-free, comfortable, ergonomic lighting is a basic requirement for the study. So indirect room lighting and direct work area lighting are the most important in study lighting solutions

1. Using indirect lighting to make a space foundation, then focusing on the walls and bookshelves to create a layered space.

2. Choosing a pleasant warm white light to ensure that the work surface of the desk is light and soft, and the height of the chandelier above the desk is installed to eliminate glare or reflection on the screen. Semi-direct contour light illumination can also be selected, and the light is emitted up and down to reduce the difference between light and dark to avoid visual fatigue.

Kitchen Lighting Solutions

Humanity's most fundamental relationship is with what we eat. Therefore, kitchen is a very important place. The kitchen main lamp is usually installed on the top of the kitchen passage as a whole lighting requirement.

1. The center of the kitchen still needs a light as the overall ambient light of the kitchen.

2. Focus light is added above the cooking table and sink, and the light strip is installed for local and accent lighting. The storage area of the kitchen can be supplemented with additional light, and the light is installed to facilitate the pick and place of objects.

Bathroom lighting solutions

The lighting of the bathroom can be described as purely functional. The lamps should also be based on simplicity. After all, this is the hardest hit area of the water vapor. It is necessary to choose lamps that are moisture-proof and not easy to rust.

1. Direct down-lit luminaires ensure basic functional lighting.

2. Increase the illumination in the front of the mirror so that the light source is evenly applied to the face to avoid unnatural shadows on the face.

After the above analysis, have you already had a deep understanding of the choice and layout of the home lighting source? But only these are not enough. It is also necessary to pay attention to the corresponding brightness of the lamps in different spaces, which will affect the lumens of the lights and whether the eyes feel comfortable. Even professional lighting designers can't guarantee that the brightness of the lights is more comfortable, let alone our non-professionals. We recommend using dimmable luminaires or smart dimming power supplies to compensate for problems that may arise with non-professionals. Easy to operate and very good to build a healthy and comfortable light environment, and can be adjusted anytime, anywhere.

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