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Commercial Application of LTECH Smart Home System|The Headquarters of Sichuan SunSync Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Apr 03, 2024

Located in Yibin , Sichuan, the headquarters building of Sichuan SunSync Technologies Pvt. Ltd. shines under the lighting. Its conference hall layout was made with LTECH smart home system and products. The smart control solution with great ease of use perfectly meets the lighting needs of business meetings, events, presentation, etc.

Wired + Wireless solution
enabling full scenes in commercial spaces

Modern commercial spaces have increasingly diverse functions. Large public spaces such as conference halls usually combine different functions, such as holding corporate culture activities, business meetings and presenting project schemes, etc. This requires lighting to cater to the diverse needs of scenes and applications. To achieve convenient lighting control in an efficient way, this solution uses a LTECH super smart panel together with wireless Bluetooth modules to integrate a DMX master controller and intelligent 0-10V drivers and other wired devices into the Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh wireless control solution.

The digital dimming protocol DMX512 is widely used in stages, theaters, studios and other places due to its rich lighting effects and powerful control capabilities. However, costly DMX master controllers and programming complexity lead to increased time and cost in projects. In this solution, the DMX512 master controller is connected via the LTECH wireless Bluetooth module. Lighting scenes can be recalled on our L-Home® IoT platform, making it easier to control lighting scenes by each of us.

In the conference hall, light strips and downlights are controlled through LTECH intelligent NFC 0-10V tunable white drivers. The DMX to 0-10V dimming module is used to seamlessly connect with the DMX master controller. Doing so combines the best of wired and wireless control and allows for recalling scenes with just one tap via L-Home® App or via the panel. Stable and diverse lighting scene control is then achieved.

In the LTECH smart home solution, different scenes are under control via the LTECH super smart panel. It comes with gateway functionality and has a built-in wired network port and Wi-Fi network access to realize remote control and a variety of functions. A composite system structure is built that combines distributed structure and master structure to bring together portfolio flexibility, robust functionality and scalability.

Apart from the LTECH super panel and LTECH intelligent Bluetooth 5.0 drivers for color temperature and full color control in various lighting scenes, LTECH super dimming module is integrated that is compatible with DALI, DMX, 0-10V, phase-cut dimming. This makes it capable of connecting to dimming drivers from various manufacturers in the lighting industry to realize comprehensive control of different types of lamps. With it, Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh wireless protocol can be expanded to work with intelligent wired LED drivers. This truly breaks through the limitations between wired and wireless solutions and can be used for extensive commercial and home scenarios.

Zero barriers to learning
lighting projects entering the era of super intelligence

Facing the needs of smart lighting solutions in the commercial field, the solution’s emphasis would be placed on how to create scenes that are suitable for the environment. To achieve a functional, beautiful and comfortable lighting environment, at the same time making solutions affordable and easy to use is the difficulty in contemporary intelligent lighting solution implementation. Improving the project testing efficiency is of primary importance as well.

To get the optimal effect of various types of devices, the solution integrates a LTECH wireless Bluetooth module, dimming module and more to nicely combine Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh wireless protocol and applied intelligent wired NFC 0-10V drivers on-site. This makes it easy to control diverse lighting scenes and quickly modify driver parameters through NFC black technology to improve testing efficiency.

Without a power source, LTECH NFC 0-10V drivers allow you to change multiple parameters through the NFC Lighting APP, such as PWM frequency, dimming curve, power-on fading time, dimming range, output current, dimming mode, etc. The drivers also feature 5 in 1 dimming function, which are compatible with 0-10V/1-10V/10V PWM/RX/Push DIM. Additionally, 0-10V and 1-10V input can be automatically recognized. And 0-10V interface has an ultra low-power consumption design (Power consumption less than 0.05mA. Up to 200 drivers can be placed into one single circuit).

Thus, it reduces barriers to use for engineering personnel as well as time. After solution is implemented and handed over to the brand owner, staff related can also customize diverse lighting scenes with one click on the mobile phone and the panel under the LTECH smart home system. The need for professional help or learning professional knowledge is eliminated.

LTECH has dived deep into the industry for 21 years and we have developed a full range of smart lighting control products centered around "Smart Home", "Intelligent Driver" and "LED Control System". We have also created sub-brand products such as L-BUS® lighting control system, LTSYS® intelligent drivers, and Xiaolei® smart home products. Additionally, we have created our L-Home® IoT cloud platform. A large number of competitive, safe and reliable products have been provided for smart homes, smart offices, and smart hotels. We have built tens of thousands of medium- and large-size lighting projects and will continue to provide one-stop intelligent lighting control solutions to our global customers.