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Together, Be Better! LTECH Overseas Distributor Summer Training Camp

Jun 19, 2024

In early summer 2024, LTECH hosted a series of major events, from the 2024 Global Distributor Conference and New Product Releases to the 2024 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. These significant brand activities captured the attention of industry professionals. Notably, a full-day training course was organized for overseas distributors, providing them with an in-depth learning of LTECH's latest technology and products. This training also highlighted the headquarters' empowerment support for market promotion, helping distributors to more efficiently develop markets and manage their stores.

In-depth learning on the smart home section helped distributors expand their markets

In the morning session, LTECH provided application education for distributors on various series of smart home products. This included comprehensive knowledge on the super panels, super smart switches, super smart drivers, and super smart accessories. The training enabled overseas distributors to gain a deeper understanding of the advanced technology behind these series products, empowering them to effectively implement smart home solutions in commercial, office, and other areas.

The robust capabilities of LTECH's products and technologies provide distributors with the confidence to expand their markets. To best leverage these as competitive advantages, distributors need to adeptly utilize various promotion and sales strategies. LTECH has conducted comprehensive training on how distributors should promote and expand in alignment with the local smart home market, empowering them in all aspects.

Practice makes perfect! Hands-on training in smart home product applications

At noon, our big LTECH family enjoyed a delicious, simple meal together. In the afternoon, we continued to practice the knowledge we had learned! Building on the morning course, LTECH prepared a full set of smart home products for distributors to practice with! Through hands-on operation, we transformed the knowledge we learned into practical experience.

Learned the full range of intelligent lighting products comprehensively and made full efforts to master their applications

LTECH has dived deep into the industry for 21 years, developing a full range of intelligent lighting products: smart home, intelligent driver and LED controller. This training included targeted learning sessions for intelligent drivers and LED controllers, enabling distributors to more easily implement one-stop intelligent lighting solutions in the future.

Overseas distributors gathered together with this memorable reunion

Since its establishment, LTECH has strategically prioritized overseas markets. Today, with offices established across various countries and regions worldwide, LTECH has implemented a global marketing network layout to offer one-stop intelligent lighting solutions for our customers. Overseas distributors are vital partners for LTECH, and this rare gathering made everyone involved excited.

On the evening of the event, LTECH hosted a banquet at the InterContinental Zhuhai, bringing together the big LTECH family to savor exquisite cuisine. As we commemorate this reunion, let’s raise our glass, fostering encouragement for a shared vision of the future! On the journey of ushering in the LTECH 3.0 era, we will embark on a dual-market offensive, both domestically and internationally, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with our distributors.