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New Product Review of 2021

Jan 27, 2022

In 2021

LTECH have maintained the strong capability in R&D

and released multiple new products


Know you more-Super Panel MINI

The industry’s ultra small Phase-cut LED drivers

Fully digitized LED drivers


Let’s have a review of the products launched in the previous year

1 Super Panel MINI

Super Panel MINI system adopts Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh. It is compatible with TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, BLE, which integrates traditional intelligent switches, intelligent gateways, intelligent curtains, HVAC control and more items from one panel. Using the Super Panel MINI, you can easily control your lighting, air conditioners and home appliances with multiple control modes. It brings you a whole house intelligent experience.

Click here for more info on Super Panel MINI

2 NFC Series Intelligent LED Drivers

LTECH NFC Series Intelligent LED Drivers allow NFC or software programming to set the output current. Users can change the current level of NFC LED drivers with just one tap, which replaces the labor-intensive current setting method of traditional LED drivers, and reduces time and costs. The output current of NFC LED drivers can be set down to 1mA. Without powering on the drivers, quick current and parameter settings can be completed.

Click here for more info on NFC series

3 Premium Series Panel

LTECH Premium Series Panel adopts Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh,which provides stable and reliable performance with its high networking capacity. It can work with Bluetooth wireless LED drivers to turn lights on/off and change the colors of lights. It can also work with gateway devices to achieve lighting automation. More than that, LTECH Premium Series Panel is designed with CNC aluminum alloy buttons and we offer services with personalized engraving that is tailored to suit any home. The panel is available in four colors that perfectly fit different decorating styles. Besides , the panel is designed with the 86 type junction box. No need to modify the existing wiring. Easily install the panel and be ready to use right out of the box.

Click here for more info on Premium Series Super Smart Switch

4 Utility Series Panel

LTECH Utility Series Panel also adopts Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh with its stable and reliable performance. It turns traditional lamps into smart ones. It can work with Bluetooth wireless LED drivers to turn lights on/off and change the colors of lights. By adding gateway devices,more intelligent scenes can be executed. LTECH Utility Series Panel can be used to completely switch lights off and stop glowing, which is energy saving and secure.

Click here for more info on Utility Series Super Smart Switch

5 Smart Curtain Motor

Smart Curtain Motor comes with small size and light weight. It can be installed easily and in an inconspicuous position. It is a high-precision DC motor with the helical gear design. The generated sound level is less than 30 db that brings you a comfortable experience. Moreover, the smart curtain motor can automatically memorize the limit position and run normally and smoothly even when the power is off. Users can start the automated opening by gently pulling the curtains. The motor uses Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh and can work with LTECH L-Home platform to achieve linkage with more devices.

Click here for more info on Smart Curtain Motor

6 Ultra Small Phase Cut LED Drivers

Phase Cut LED Driver are ultra small and light weight, but elegant in style. We made a great breakthrough in driver size. The drivers use T-PWM super depth dimming technology that can dim the lights down to 0.1%. The lighting is flicker-free across the whole dimming range and reaches the high frequency exemption level. With the wide voltage range, the drivers can work with different power of LEDs. Our drivers are multiple certification approved, which can be widely used around the globe.

Click here for more info on Ultra Small Phase Cut LED Driver

7 Intelligent RGBW LED Driver

Intelligent RGBW LED Driver can be used to change the intensity and colors of lights. It is DALI and DMX/RDM interface compatible. DT8 enables RGBW color adjustment so we can easily create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. The driver enables remote cotrol via the App, or even more precise control. In addition, the standby power consumption is less than 0.5W that complies with the EU’s ErP directive. PWM super depth dimming technology is used to deliver flicker-free lighting that enhances your visual comfort.

Click here for more info on Intelligent RGBW LED Driver

8 Intelligent Tunable White LED Driver

On basis of the philosophy of Human-Centric Lighting, LTECH developed the intelligent tunable white LED driver by using the pioneering T-PWM super depth dimming technology. The tunable white LED driver is compatible with 0-10V, DALI, Phase cut, PUSH DIM and DMX512/RDM. It enables the lighting to imitate natural light patterns and make smooth and continuous color temperature transformation so as to create a natural and comfortable lighting environment.


LTECH always focuses on customer needs and keeps pace with technological innovation

Please look forward to our more products in 2022.