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LTECH first launch mobile phone interface operate - WIFI-RDM01 decoder

Apr 17, 2017

LTECH recently launch brand new RDM decoder - WIFI-RDM01, this is the first market use mobile phone APP interface operate RDM products. This product use RDM/2009 protocol, realized DMX communication single direction transmission into two-way transmission. WIFI-RDM01 programmer built-in module, just put it access DMX driver/DMX lamp, then can browse the phone APP parameters and set address and so on.

At present, domestic market has this technology company as one of the few, even foreign market RDM programming manager is also rare, and it’s very expensive, those are done with a simple computer or handheld device, vulnerable to the limitation of construction condition, constrction personis not convenient to use and inhumane. LTECH latest RDM programmer of this kind of mobile phone use control well solves the above problem. Now, when project installation person on site carry the phone, you can browse through mobile phone APP interface and settings, dispense with the tedious workking at height, and danger, engineering installation and debugging more convenient, fast and safe.

Specifically, WiFi-RDM01 functions and advantages are as below:

better to use with LTECH products
Quick Search
It adapts to high-performance CPU.Program have been optimized and searching speed is two times faster than excellent product abroad.
Via Phone App realize Wi-Fi control,support remote firmware upgrade,ensure to be the latest version.Upgrading of products can be achieved automatically on mobile.
Convenient to construction
on installation making sure devices support RDM function,then parameters can be wireless adjusted. Only need to change relevant parameters when changing devices.
High compatibility
It compatible with other RDM devices,and other equipment can be operated properly while hooking on DMX signal wire.
Better to use with LTECH products
Besides completely compatible with third party products, use with LTECH DMX decoder, DMX driver will be more powerful programming capabilties.
High Cost-Effective
Wi-Fi connecting function, only a quarter of abroad items,a real “good quality with competitive price”item.