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National-level Honor | LTECH Awarded the 2023 "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" Title.

Mar 22, 2024

According to the Announcement on the Evaluation Results of 2023 National Intellectual Property Model Enterprises and Advantage Enterprises published by China National Intellectual Property Administration, LTECH passed the evaluation and won the honorary title of National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise".

The "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" refers to companies that possess overall strength in intellectual property through development of independent intellectual property, are actively engaged in intellectual property protection and utilization, and have established comprehensive intellectual property management systems and mechanisms.

Through the re-evaluation, LTECH is recognized as the National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise. This fully acknowledges our innovation ability, technical strength in R&D, our enhanced efforts and professionalism in intellectual property protection.

LTECH has dived deep into the industry for 21 years and we have developed a full range of smart lighting control products centered around "Smart Home", "Intelligent Driver" and "LED Control System". We have also created sub-brand products such as L-BUS® lighting control system, LTSYS® intelligent drivers, and Xiaolei® smart home products. Additionally, we have created our L-Home® IoT cloud platform. A large number of competitive, safe and reliable products have been provided for smart homes, smart offices, and smart hotels. We have carried out tens of thousands of medium- and large-size lighting projects and will continue to provide one-stop intelligent lighting control solutions to our global customers.