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Project Case | MGM Cotai in Macao

Apr 28, 2018

Some people say that Macau is a city that you never get tired of visiting no matter how many times you been to visit, because Macau’s casinos have long gone beyond the concept of casinos and become a leisure and tourism complex integrating shopping, sightseeing, and world-class performances.

Today, I will introduce you a landmark "Jewel Box" in Cotai - MGM Cotai in Macau. It is MGM's new development project in China, with an investment of US$3.4 billion. It opened on February 13, 2018. The hotel has 1,390 guest rooms and suites, as well as a grand banquet hall that can accommodate around one thousand people and a boardroom that is suitable for private meetings. Both the grand banquet and the boardroom cover a total of 2,870 square meters for diverse meeting spaces. It also has MGM's first international hotel villa "Yonghua House". In addition, the hotel's spa facilities, retail shops, and dining facilities are all available, striving to provide guests with the ultimate luxury experience.

To cater for art-loving guests, MGM Cotai collects more than 300 top-notch art treasures. The collection themes are related to the ancient and modern from the east to the west. And it is one of the largest permanent art collections in Macau.

Hotel lobby

MGM Cotai facade was designed as a glitter "jewel box". Stepping into the hotel lobby, the hotel's smooth, flicker-free lighting presents a distinctive and avant-garde visual design, creating an eye-catching sight for the traditional luxury hotel experience.

There are a lot of golden decorations in the hotel, highlighting the nobility of the Chinese style. Natural light is used in a large area, and the intelligent dimming effect makes the light in the space uniform and harmonious, which is so beautiful.

Hotel rooms and suites

The hotel has 1,390 guest rooms, which combine elegant chic and modern luxury design.The guest rooms provide practical spaces that combine style and comfort. Adhering to MGM’s mission of creating brilliant moments for guests, MGM Cotai provides unparalleled and considerate services that make guests feel at home.

The lighting and decorative details of the guest rooms all reflect uer-friendliness and carefulness. The suite living room uses soft light strips distributed on both sides of the ceiling trough, with ceiling spotlights installed in the middle area. Traditional characteristic textures are reproduced on the walls, and the lighting gives a vivid expression which makes the cultural atmosphere of the space appear. It is full of artistic beauty under the background of low-brightness warm-toned lights.

MGM Cotai in Macau uses LTECH DMX dimmable drivers that connect to the control system to achieve ON/OFF, dimming, scene control and other effects, as well as decentralized control and centralized control.

MGM Cotai in Macau uses LTECH DMX dimmable drivers that connect to the control system to achieve ON/OFF, dimming, scene control and other effects, as well as decentralized control and centralized control. LTECH DMX dimmable drivers adopt PWM digital dimming technology to ensure the best color rendering index of the lamp and the 0-100% stepless dimming. The dimming depth reaches the 0.1%, and flicker-free lighting reaches the high-frequency exemption level. The dimming curve conforms to the human eye's perception, and the dimming is uniform, smooth and natural, making the human eye's visual experience more comfortable. The above technical thresholds are difficult for most similar products to overcome.

As a leading brand of LED controllers, LTECH has been insisting on R&D and innovation in the field of intelligent lighting since its establishment 15 years ago. We have developed industry-leading lighting control systems and a large number of devices. When DMX technology has not emerged in our country, we introduced DMX technology into the domestic LED industry. The products realized the perfect combination of DMX512 protocol and LED lamps, bringing changes and innovations to the LED projects and applications.

In the lighting project of the MGM Hotel in Macau, LTECH grasped the coordinated relationship between function and atmosphere under the bright lights so as to better integrate the environment into the characteristics of the hotel. High-quality products are used to enhance the atmosphere and to make it long stay, allowing the lighting to withstand the baptism of time and become an eye-catching boutique.

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