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Project Case | Mr. SHISAN Ningbo Bar - Application of L-BUS Commercial Lighting Control System

Apr 09, 2018

Mr. SHISAN Ningbo Bar originated from Beijing and Ningbo as the first stop of the new journey. It is a brand new international top party space that not only integrates the mainstream of modern electronic music culture, but also performs classical cultural culture. The L-BUS commercial lighting control system was installed at Mr. SHISAN Ningbo Bar. Even though there are a large variety of lamps in the bar, managers can now easily manage it.

Mr. SHISAN Ningbo Bar adopted 19th-century Art Deco style, featuring precise, bright lines and intense colors. The color atmosphere is crucial, and the lighting effect is an important factor that affects the atmosphere. Therefore, the bar will be installed many lamps under normal circumstances including conventional lighting, bar lamps, spotlights, PAR lamps, powerful strobe lights, stage lights and so on. L-BUS commercial lighting control system will save the customer's preset lighting effects, simplify the operation process, allow users to control directly on the wall panel, so that the lighting effect in the bar can be well with the live music rhythm .

Mr. SHISAN Ningbo Bar made black gold as the main space. At the same time, Mr. SHISAN LOGO elements are incorporated into the design of private room and aisle. They are used for exquisite selection and filling of clouds and gray stone, brushed bronze titanium and crocodile skin. Dramatic blending presents a brand new trending texture.Under the digital control of Leder DMX dimmable driver PWM, it can control the lamps with different power in the bar and output the most suitable lighting effect for the human eye, so that the bar can continue to gracefully maintain a modern, simple style. In addition, in this project, the bar administrator can control the light through the mobile phone APP, and can also pull out the mobile phone for dimming control.


L-BUS commercial lighting control system

Wired + wireless universal intelligent lighting solutions

1.Set common lighting dimming method in one.

2.Wireless + wired control, easy to solve the problem of complex and spatial factors in engineering.

3.Various control modes such as WiFi mobile device/remote control/panel/sensor.

4. High compatibility communication protocol, which can be combined with DMX, SCR, 0-10v and other signal dimmer power supply through wireless converter.

5.WiFi+RF high-speed and stable transmission signal, resulting in a wired operation experience.

6.Custom scene mode.

7.Timing model.

As the leader of the LED controller, Ltech has been insisting on research and innovation in the field of intelligent lighting since its establishment 17 years ago. R&D has produced a large number of lighting control systems and devices that represent industry-leading technologies.When domestic DMX technology is not rising, DMX technology is independently introduced into the domestic LED industry. The product achieves a perfect combination of DMX512 protocol and LED lamps, brings to the LED lighting industry engineering change and innovation.

The ultimate pursuit of the artistic temperament and ingenuity of the Mr. SHISAN Ningbo bar, which makes the bar space very modern, shows the professional performance. With the L-BUS commercial lighting control system, the bar appropriately conveys this freedom and comfort to the people who are in it, giving them visual and psychological pleasure.