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Project Case | Lighting Aesthetics for the Open Office Space in HKSTP

Jun 04, 2021

The original intention of the office interior design

Is to provide a comfortable and efficient work environment for employees

For those who work in a poor environment every day

A relaxing open office space can keep them feel passionate about their job

As well as boost their inspiration

Lighting is the soul of the whole space

Which plays indispensable role in creating a open office

Today, please follow me to see Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

Exploring the secrets of lighting in the open office space

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Pictures

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP)

Located in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po, New Territories in Hong Kong

HKSTP is one of the world’s most advanced labs and R&D bases

Focusing on high-tech and applied technology

Pictures of 2W-3F Open Office Space in HKSTP

Cozy and comfortable small corner sofas

Observation decks allow you to see stunning views

A pantry is a great place to have a drink and relax


In the leisure area, you can read or have a great conversation with colleagues

The open office space design

Usually reflects the overall level and cultural taste of the enterprise

Pictures of 2W-3F Open Office Space in HKSTP

The open office design may vary

And there is no standard to define what it should be

The great lighting for a open office space

Demands the right level of light

That means choosing the ideal color temperature and brightness

To obtain the best sensory experience

Pictures of 2W-3F Open Office Space in HKSTP

A comfortable open office space

Let employees make it easy to be in the mood for work

A bright environment with soft light

Helps cheer up employees and improve their efficiency at work

Such an environment appears to make people motivated

But it’s hard to keep them feel energetic all day long

So a open office space serves the needs of refueling your spiritual energy

And providing comfort is particularly important

Pictures of 2W-3F Open Office Space in HKSTP

HKSTP used warm colors for the open office space

Through T-PWM super depth dimming technology that LTECH CC 0-10V LED drivers adopt

To fully restore the natural light, delicate and stepless color temperature adjustment

And create a natural artificial light environment to make the office atmosphere more comfortable

Besides, LTECH 16384 grayscale

Lets you gain precise control over your lighting

Pictures of 2W-3F Open Office Space in HKSTP

Light up the company logo to the wall in different colors

Making the image wall another different style

The soft lighting that HKSTP used contrasts with bright logo on the wall

Being very artistic and also catching your first sight

Furthermore, LTECH LED driver with the high frequency exemption level

Produced no any ripples even when you shoot photos with your phone

In some practical application scenarios

It can better protect the external output of the corporate image

Toady, light is more than just a fixture to provide illumination

Different lighting settings

Bring you a different space experience

LTECH has been focusing on technological innovation

Constantly improving lighting quality

What we expect is to launch more powerful lighting products

to meet more diverse needs of lighting