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Project Case | Shanghai Edition Hotel

Apr 16, 2019

Speaking of the Edition hotel, I think everyone is familiar with it. From London, Miami Beach, New York, Sanya and Shanghai, every place where Edition arrived quickly became a web celebrity punch.Today, let's take a look at Shanghai Addison hotel.

Shanghai Edition Hotel is located in the business district of Nanjing East Road, 5-minute walk from the Bund. It was built from the former East China Power Building and connected to the Shanghai Electric Power Industry Bureau.

Its main building, the East China Power Building, is one of the earliest modern skyscrapers in Shanghai. It is 126 meters high. The bold and bold architectural style was unique in Nanjing Road in the 1980s. It also refreshed the Shanghai city skyline and won the honor of Shanghai's top ten buildings from 1949 to 1989.

Shanghai Edition Hotel has 145 rooms and suites and 12 public areas such as the restaurant and bar room area. The rooms are in the new building, and most of the public areas are in the old building.

At the entrance of the hotel, it is not an extravagant attraction. Instead, it shines under the wide eaves at the top of the door. It lights up the bright corridors to create a dreamy atmosphere, so that people who really like the hotel brand step into a kind of sense of belonging.

Different from the traditional hotel lobby, as soon as you step into the lobby of Shanghai Edition Hotel, it seems to have come to the exquisite English-style red bar, where you can see the perfect modern and perfect model. The chandelier hanging high in the center of the ceiling greets the curved, perfectly curved metal with a dazzling spherical body, like a jewel of jewels, firmly grasping the guests' eyes. The 9.5-meter-high gray stone wall is solemn, and the deep walnut-coloured ceiling inlaid with the warm light surrounding the lobby adds an intimate and warm home atmosphere to the space.

At Shanghai Edition Hotel, the same shock is that the city lobby, which is 21 meters high, has been built as a suspension garden. Several lush cylindrical green plants, a 7-storey retro elegant mirrored wall and a silk-like pendant decorate the aesthetic illusion of strolling through the indoor suspended forest. Here, in addition to the simple use of the light outside the cylindrical green plant, all other parts are designed with natural overall light and shadow. Light and dark contrast, light and density, the fusion of the past and the future, this is the soul of the Edition Hotel.

Nearly 70% of the space at Shanghai Edition Hotel is a social sharing space, restaurants, bars, meeting spaces, electric fields, spas, gyms, multi-purpose areas, etc., to meet the needs of customers and bring the most complete users experience. In these areas, although they have different functions and different layouts, the requirements for lighting are consistent. By dividing the area with the fine adjustment of the lights, the lighting requirements of different functional areas are met. The atmosphere is not ostentatious, introverted and full of artistic beauty, the details are exquisite and varied.

As the remaining 30% of the private space in Edition, the room is naturally based on a comfortable and healthy home atmosphere. The soft light strip is distributed on the side of the ceiling, and is matched with the lighting of the lamps. The simple and natural, the all-wood wall is matched with the soft carpet, which is warm and comfortable. Through the wide-angled windows, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Shanghai and the Bund, adding a sense of loneliness to the interior.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the rooms at the Edition Hotel use the intelligent dimming drivers from LTECH to adjust the lighting of the Philips MR16 lamps in the rooms. As we all know, MR16 lamp lighting design faces two major challenges: flicker-free dimming and compatible low-voltage electronic transformers. The lower current causes many transformers to fail to support the LED lamps, and this problem is exacerbated by the fact that the dimmer further reduces the current. In order to develop the matching dimming driver for the circuit characteristics of the MR16 LED lamps, LTECH uses a special circuit and program algorithm to optimize the dimming effect, providing a constant, non-oscillating current for the LED, achieving no stroboscopic dimming which is more suitable for engineering applications than the original driver.

In 2019, it was the 18th year of LTECH, the leading brand of intelligent LED controllers. LTECH has always been adhering to the principle of quality first, customer first, always insisting on independent innovation, and constantly providing customers with highly reliable and intelligent product services, providing the best quality solutions for each LED lighting project. In the future development of intelligent lighting, LTECH will continue to move forward and keep moving forward.