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LTECH The Fruitful 15 years:the LED project of the Aqua-park Shinagawa in Japan

Aug 08, 2016

In recent years, the traveling to Japan has become extraordinarily heated. With massive Chinese tourists traveling to Japan, the total number of tourists is up to 4,990,000 in 2016, which brings a new rise to tourism in Japan. Under this influence, many famous Japanese scenic spots begin to be renovated and decorated to attract more tourists. Among those scenic spots, the famous Aqua-park Shinagawa in Tokyo was reopened in July, 2015 after renovation, which attracts thousands of tourists from worldwide by its bran-new urban-type entertainment equipment that is beyond the aquarium area. Particularly worth mentioning is that the LED controllers from LTECH have been massively applied during the renovation of the Aqua-park Shinagawa.

The Aqua-park Shinagawa in Tokyo, Japan

There are many areas that are worth watching in the Aqua-park Shinagawa in Japan. For instance, the Aqua Jungle area where the animals of Reptilia and freshwater fish and etc. are shown for the first time in this aquarium and the jellyfish area that is designed in the theme of healing, are all shown brilliantly. At the outdoor “Friendly Square”, tourists can have intimate contact with animals like sea lions, seals and penguins and so on. Among all the performance in the Aqua-park Shinagawa, the performance of the dolphin that can be viewed in 360 degree full range is most favored by the tourists. In the Aqua-park Shinagawa, with continuously changing lights and music, tourists can enjoy the extraordinarily exciting performance at the rounded dolphin-show pool decorated with the curtain of falling water.

Dolphin pool in the Aqua-park Shinagawa

The dolphin show in the Aqua-park Shinagawa

LTECH LED controller applied in the dolphin-show pool lighting project

Pixel lighting effect

Lighting effect of outdoor entertainment equipment in the Aqua-park Shinagawa

Lighting effect in the Aqua-park Shinagawa

LTECH LED controller applied in the Aqua-park Shinagawa lighting project

Matching lighting control software to realize all kinds of control effects

After renovation, the Aqua-park Shinagawa, with the mixture of creature and acousto-optic vision effects, has shown the sea world landscape in more brilliant color. The diverse lighting effects, created by the LTECH LED controller in the Aqua-park Shinagawa, present the real sea environment and create joyful atmosphere. It takes the tourists into great space-fancy and artistic appeal and every tourist who comes to the Aqua-park Shinagawa will be refreshingly attracted by this. Tourists will be so immersed into it as if they were in the real life scene of thousands of marine creature, which makes the tourists experience unprecedented surprise throughout the whole tour and make it worthwhile trip!