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LTECH Won 2015-2016 The Most Growth Enterprise Award

Jul 05, 2016

Recently held in 2016(the 14th) GG LED Industry Forum, the production and research of GG LED released NEEQ LED industry enterprises ranked. Intelligent lighting of the first science and technologh shares LTECH Won “2015-2016 The Most Growth Enterprise Award”.

Produced by Institute of GG LED industry released NEEQ aims to award companies ranked within the industry, to explore the development of the lighting industry has more potential outstanding NEEQ business.

Last June, LTECH as the newer of NEEQ also boarded by Xinhu science and technology and the NEEDQ think tank jointly issued the “2015 NEEQ value list ”, among similar industries(electronic equipment, instruments and components industry) rank 5th, becoming the only top companies in the lighting indstry. Aafter one year, LTECH turn science and techonlogy”2015-2016 The Most Growth Enterprise Award” pocket in the bag, once again shows in the eyes of the capital market and industry experts, the first intelligent lighting science and technology shares LTECH reserves unlimited potential.