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How Ltech Technology, the first intelligent lighting listed company, achieve a wide range dimming?

Jun 27, 2016
March 9th, 2015, it was an exciting day to Ltech Technology when Ltech Technology,the capital markets have started to draw attention to the stock code: 832110, when LTECH listed on the NEEQ successfully.

It happened to verify the old saying: Chance favors only the prepared mind. The reason for LTECH listed on NEEQ fast is due to its adhere to the standard production and management for decades.

"Done everything well at ordinary times and you will be surely ahead of others when opportunity comes." Mr. Lei, president of Ltech Technology says.

Coincided with the 15th anniversary of the LTECH in this year. The NO.15 which stood high on the booth to enhance "LTECH" outstanding achievements at the just-concluded Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, and it is also signify the inheritance of LTECH’s special development in the past.

0.1%-100% wide range dimming, Ltech dedicates itself to dimmable drivers.

"Make a precise and considerate Plane before action." It is the attitude of LTECH, and find LTECH self-styled "The better or nothing."Ms. Li, sales director of Ltech Technology says。

LTECH found that the quality of LED drivers in the market is uneven, including the product of the well-know brand enterprises, which are not professional and the performance is not satisfied , after long time researching and testing the different brand’ s LED intelligent drivers in the market.

Ms. Li referred to "It requires excellent techniques in both of hardware and software to the dimmable drivers manufacturer, but they adapt traditional practices usually, which is the hardware techniques requirement is enough, if you want to achieved more precise, they need to know more about in circuit techniques of digital driver. Meanwhile, The traditional LED driver manufacturers is lack of the knowledge on the programming techniques on software , dimming interfaces of all kinds of intelligent lighting systems and technical methods and experience of all kinds of protocols . Instead, LTECH has long excelled at it.

LTECH launched the 0.1%-100% in-depth dimming LED drivers, which became the focal point of the fair, attracted the visitors from domestic and abroad during the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition this year.

It is Known that the dimmable driver series of Ltech with built-in high performance MCU digital processor. It enables to challenge the dimming extreme difficulty of constant current LED drivers and achieve 0.1%-100% in-depth dimming which is close to perfect dimming effects as conventional incandescent lamps, smooth and natural dimming without flicker.


"0.1%-100% in-depth dimming means the changeable brightness(average current) range of luminaries. Take a 1000mA rated current luminaries for example, its minimum current can be adjusted to 1mA so its dimming range is 0.1%-100%. At present, the minimum dimming range of constant current drivers manufactured by some comparatively excellent enterprises on global markets can only reach to 1%. 10 times difference just like the difference between 1M pixel solution and 10M pixel solution of smart phone images. This is a big difference and one can imagine the technical difficulties. Also it is Ltech’s value lies on the market due to the persevere in this 0.1%." Ms. Li claimed.       


It is a technique that breaks the routines and conventions of the industry, and it can be regarded as a true product with in-depth dimming features in the industry. It is all known among people in the industry of lighting that it is the very time to test the quality of products when the brightness of LED lighting products getting to the lowest. The products of Ltech can work stably without flicker even when it reaches to the 0.1% lowest brightness. Hence, these products became Ltech’s biggest highlight of show this year.

Furthermore, Ltech Technology also launched the latest types of DALI, 0-10V, DMX and Triac constant current dimming drivers at the fair. Many clients were surprised and amazed by the excellent dimming effects without flicker of Ltech LED dimming driver products. And they were attracted to go further communication and cooperation by Ltech’s outstanding technical competence.

"L-Home" bred a new starting of intelligent lighting

December of last year, LTECH company invested 10 million to established subsidiary "Guangdong XiaoLei Technology co., LTD."

As reported , the new XiaoLei Technology focuses on intelligent lighting as main shaft in intelligent home field ,and will strive to build a platform device for residential equipment, connecting lighting, home appliances, audio and video, security, curtain, energy management and other intelligent products integrated control of organic system.

At 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition ,LTECH products was match with the theme of intelligent interconnection,including intelligent interconnection lighting system, smart home products etc, and released the newest smart home networking platform-L-Home.

L-Home, a set of smart home interconnected system, is at the core of intelligent lighting , through cooperation with the biggest global cloud service providers like Aliyun,Amazon WS, Microsoft Azure, built up a stable and reliable cloud service interactive management platform.

"it can achieve the worldwide remote connection like house lighting,electrical equipment,security equipment,energy management equipment and so on, allows users to achieve unified management of different brands of equipment, scene linkage, to create more intelligent, comfortable, safe, energy-efficient living environment for users." Ms Lifangfang said.

"Overall, LTECH with it’s accumulated professional experience in intelligent lighting control field will give a great support to Xiaolei for technology and quality assurance. Xiaolei Technology will give full play to science and technology owned by the parent company Ltech, like the internet of objects, cloud computing ,wireless communications and other emerging technologies, actively build a vanguard force internet of things, wisdom ecological space and smart home industry." Ms Lifangfang said.

Open up "Four Majoy Plate", contribute to achieve whole industry chain development.

"As the first domestic manufacturer of controllers, we have accumulated for 15 years.
What does 15 years mean? At that time, LED control just bud, and LED lighting products also new beginning. Moreover, Ltech has deeply studied the controllers and control signal. After 15-year’s accumulation, Ltech can be regarded as the oldest company in this field." Ms. Li Fangfang said.

Absolutely, Ltech is prominent in the market of LED controllers. Products positioning in the middle and high-end market. And brand gains the high reputation and great influence in European and American. Ltech is the first and the unique company of LED lighting industry listed in NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotation). It is worthy to be the leading brand.


  "After successfully listed, the product line of Ltech became diversification. For example, LED intelligent drivers production line added and also offer comprehensive one-stop solutions with Smart control and drivers, help customers to save time and costs." Mentioned by Ms. Li Fangfang.       


Take intelligent drivers production line as an example, considered of the market requirement, technical innovation, quality of products, costs and prices, more cost efficient products launched and has opened external market rapidly. In addition, the most noteworthy is the high quality of drivers, after-sales is almost zero" Ms. Li Fangfang shared with us.

" Why more and more professional customers select Ltech? Due to the product advantages and excellent after sales service support. After buying, no need to worry about the breakdown maintenance within the 3 years and 5 years using, because of the antecedent R&D investment and enough guarantee of quality. It is the great advantage which emerged in the course of using. And it is also the essential skills of Ltech." Ms. Li Fangfang told us.

Next step, Ltech is devoting to be the leading brand of smart lighting solution. The name" The First Stock of smart lighting" is obvious.

From last December, Ltech processed the planning and integration of industry upstream and downstream. Three wholly owned subsidiary was built up, " Zhuhai LTSYS Technology Co., Ltd", "Guangdong Xiaolei Technology Co., ltd." and " Zhuhai Ltech Lighting Co., Ltd." In this January, Ltech buyout 51% stock of Jiangmen Potop Opto-Electronic Technology Co.Ltd, finished the whole construction of whole industry chain" Intelligent driver", "Smart lighting control", "Smart home" and "lighting products".

"Through the above moves, Ltech cultivates the future growth of performance. So far, Ltech has achieved the synergy developing of four majoy plates ‘Intelligent driver+ Smart lighting control+ Smart home+ LED Lighting'. In the coming future, the 4 plates will be constructed synchronously, improve the company’s product structure.

A series of successful operation and outstanding overall layout let Ltech win “2015-2016 The Most Growth Enterprise Award” evaluated by GGII in this June.

"Nowadays, confidence of our partners and customers to Ltech enhanced, sales increased sharply, more and more powerful lighting enterprises take the initiative to seek for cooperation." Ms. Li Fangfang explained.

Indeed, recently, Ltech have cooperated with Meanwell for Brand strategy cooperation, two leading enterprises of smart control and power drivers open the new era of smart lighting together. “The First Stock of smart lighting"generates energy to a bright future.