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Zhuhai Financial Bureau with Group of Media Journalists visiting LTECH

Aug 21, 2015
On Aug. 17th, under the leadership of Ms. Yu, the Section Chief of Zhuhai Financial Bureau,10 people including media-journalist friends visited LTECH for further communication.  Lei Jianwen, the president of LTECH, provided a warm reception and answered questions from reporters at the scene.
At the products exhibition hall, the commentator demonstrated the mobile WiFi intelligent lighting control system for everybody at the scene. All the media journalists are keen interest in mobile intelligent lighting control system, they inquire of president Lei one after another about relevant research and development information. President Lei told everyone that the "mobile WiFi intelligent lighting control system" were in the competition of "the fourth China innovation entrepreneurship competition" zhuhai area, and it was in the quarter-final stage at the moment.
During the seminar, President Lei Jianwen presented a brief introduction for the visitors about company operation and management, and the basic situation of the business development in recent years.
In the part of media inquiries, president Lei JianWen answered the reporters the questions about company listing, the development vision, science and technology innovation, business operating mode, innovation-driven and so on.
The visiting media this time under the leadership of Zhuhai Finacial Bureau including Nanfang Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Southern Urban Daily, New Express,Zhuhai Daily and ZHTV.