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LTECH upgraded ERP Management System

Mar 02, 2015

In May 2010, LTECH successfully implemented ERP Management System, greatly enhancing the enterprise management to serve customers better.

With the rapid growth of the company and the market, to meet future development needs, LTECH started to upgrade the original ERP Management System in March 2015, which is a big project, a large-scale upgrade for ERP software and hardware. This upgrade adopts IBM high performance data server and advanced personalized ERP software solutions to build a more comprehensive, stable, accurate, and efficient ERP management system.

ERP Management System is a leading management platform, characterized with four significant advantages, that is, full application, complete collaboration, agile manufacturing and excellent model. It is an integrated environment of financial management, supply chain management, manufacturing management, quality management, bar code management, supplier and customer relationship management, sales management, human resources management, enterprise performance, business intelligence analysis, mobile commerce, integration engine, etc., which helps companies build a scientific and complete management system of human, finance, material, production, supply and marketing through definite and effective implement of objectives, responsibility, process management and incentives.

Upgrade of EPR Management System, is a major initiatives for LTECH to become bigger and stronger, reflecting LTECH core value of innovation, embodying LTECH management to a higher level. With the improved efficiency, enhanced core competitiveness, LTECH can serve customers better and create more values for them.