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ZHU RONG Award National Final | LTECH Whole House Intelligence and Elite Designers Explored the Lighting Aesthetics Together!

Sep 08, 2023

Today, ZHU RONG Award 2023, also the 15th CBDA Lighting Application Design Competition National Final, started in Renaissance Suzhou Hotel. LTECH partnered up with JIESHUN to build a co-branded booth, which became a “co-branded event” in the lighting industry. We conducted communications with the elite designers nationwide through a creative way, talking about lighting aesthetics and exploring the future of industry together!

Lighting industry leaders gathered together
to explore the future with elite designers

ZHU RONG Award is a great event in lighting designs and applications. It has been around for 15 years and brings together lighting industry leaders and top lighting design works across the country. We are so excited to interact with outstanding architects, interior designers, and lighting designers nationwide on the occasion of ZHU RONG Award Final, as well as to exchange information to jointly promote the development of the domestic lighting design industry.

LTECH stunning central smart display 2023 showcased
in the ceremony of ZHU RONG Award

Super Panel 12S , LTECH stunning new whole-house smart product 2023 , was launched this summer and had been showcased successively at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2023 and at Shanghai Smart Home Technology , which had attracted the industry attention a several times . This time at the ZHU RONG Award presentation ceremony , Super Panel 12S was linked together with LTECH Bluetooth series drivers to intelligently control the lighting effects of our booth and to create intelligent, healthy lighting. LTECH has a full range of super smart panels that feature exquisite appearance and are winners of 9 international design awards. LTECH smart panels define the aesthetics of panels.

LTECH Super Panel 12S enables you control the whole house from one single screen. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh, Wi-Fi 6 ( 2.4 + 5G) and Ethernet protocols to create a stable, reliable and efficient network environment. LTECH's new distributed scene storage technology has the capacity to intelligently control whole house lighting and system devices. It helps create an immersive, personalized, and improved full-scenario smart experience that lets designers just focus on creativity itself in design.

No gateway·localization·multi-scenario ecosystem
The new generation of intelligent Bluetooth drivers

LTECH has developed the new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 drivers that push the boundaries of the size. The newly developed drivers are much smaller and thinner, which have a 31.5% decrease in size on average compared to the last generation. They also use the international standard Bluetooth SIG Mesh 5.0 networking technology and are compliant with the Bluetooth mesh networking specifications. The drivers always keep updating via OTA upgrade to meet the diverse needs of designers at any time.

LTECH's entire series of intelligent Bluetooth have three original black technologies. One is distributed scene scene storage technology and it allows devices to run smoothly without the internet or a gateway, which solves the pain points for smart home industry. LTECH Adaptive Lighting Technology achieved the super applications of full circadian lighting and customized lighting, which can simulate daylight changes throughout the day and meanwhile have built-in T-PMW super depth dimming technology to fit more various lighting scenes and requirements. The flicker-free dimming across the whole range is compliant with the IEEE 1789 standard and reaches the high-frequency exception level to create healthy and comfortable high-quality lighting.

Let wonderful designs appear on LTECH whole house smart system

In response to designers' needs for diversified lighting layouts, LTECH smart home system realizesindependent local control without the network or a gateway.To meet different scene requirements, the solution utilizes LTECH super panels that come with gateway functionality and have built-in wired network port and Wi-Fi network access to realize remote control and a variety of functions. A composite system structure is built that combines distributed structure and master structure to bring together combination flexibility, robust functionality and expansibility.

The advantages of such robust products help commercial projects to save time and costs in wiring and labor during the implementation process. Using one mobile phone only, commissioning of all Bluetooth devices and lighting effects can be completed via L-Home APP. A stable wireless intelligent lighting system is able to be built with a competitive price that significantly reduces installation costs and improves efficiency for commercial projects. It perfectly fits diverse lighting scenarios, allowing designers to give full play to their creativity.

ZHU RONG Award Final 2023 is now taking place and will last until September 9. LTECH looks forward to seeing you in Renaissance Suzhou Hotel.