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GILE 2022 Live | LTECH Won The Best Technology Award and Our Booth Became the Most Popular One

Aug 03, 2022

The 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) on the theme of “New Era, New Opportunity” was grandly opened on August 3rd, which brought together the professionals and industry experts. As an important annual event for the LED industry, GILE always provides a platform for us to stay updated on the latest technologies, information and trends. On the very first day of the exhibition, LTECH booth became the most popular exhibition booth.

GILE Highlights

New whole house intelligence products+ three groundbreaking black technologies

LTECH’s new products of whole house intelligence and three black technologies have been globally launched on June 18, 2022. On the opening day of GILE, We unveiled the new products and technologies which immediately became the exhibition highlights. LTECH booth soon gained high popularity and attracted a huge crowd to experience our new products.

Super+ series products reflect intelligence and aesthetics

New products of Super+ series are showcased, which has won three design awards, including iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award and IDPA Japan Design Award. Super Panel Series, Creativity Series and well-received Activate Series are on display as well.

Among the new products, the pioneering design of Creativity Series’ borderless screens has captured the visitors’ attention. Using the app, users are allowed to rename the scenes that are bound to buttons, pose a personalized on-screen message or customize the screen with attractive text or illustrative icons at any time. This new design completely solves the industry’s pain points of no screen display on panels and difficult text changes on buttons. The new Creativity Series products became the highlight products from the displayed whole house intelligence products at LTECH booth which attracted great attention.

Three major technologies that change the way we understand the industry

The slow response on whole house smart devices and their dependence on the Internet are big pain points in the smart home industry. LTECH showcased the whole house intelligent black technology-distributed scene storage technology in the Super Space at the our booth, where visitors are able to experience the ultra-fast response time on devices and see scene execution without the Internet or a gateway. This new feature surprised industry professionals a lot.

LTECH has dived deep into the field of intelligent lighting for 20 years and we have always been following the principle of Human Centric Lighting. This year, LTECH launched the Adaptive Lighting that can imitate the natural light and meet the demands for lighting in any occasion. Only by locating the city you live, synchronization is achieved with the local light changes and auto lighting adjustments are made. Besides, you are allowed to set the personalized circadian lighting for different time periods to adapt lighting to meet specific demands in different occasions, which is appropriate for commercial spaces, schools, residential homes and hospitals. In doing so, it truly converts lighting into smart one.

As the pioneer of super depth dimming, LTECH made a breakthrough once again this year and developed the T-PWM™ dimming technology that can dim lights down to 0.0001% and achieve continuous smooth lighting at the same time. On the site of the Super Space, visitors have a chance to directly experience the precise control over lighting using this dimming technology.

The industry media came to our booth

LTECH exhibition booth each time could draw wide attention of the industry media, and this year is no exception. No matter they are new products of Super+ Series, the new space set to showcase the great lighting effects the magnetic track LED drivers produce, or LTECH Whole House Intelligence Experience Area-Super Space in which the distributed scene storage technology, the technology that dims lights down to 0.0001% and Adaptive Lighting are showcased, all of these impressed the media who then gave us a lot of compliments.

Creative Experience Areas

Bring a fully immersive experience

This year, LTECH booth still gives visitors unexpected experiences. Apart from a diverse range of displayed products, there are also multiple creative experience areas. Let's have a closer look to see the popularity of each experience area.

The Super Space provides an immersive experience of LTECH Whole House Intelligence, which enables visitors to experience ideal LED light at the smart garden that mimics natural sunlight as closely as possible.This year, we collaborated with Arcllux to create a new space that would be devoted to showcasing the great lighting effects the magnetic track LED drivers produce. This new space presents the aesthetics and minimalism of recessed lights, which are more suited for modern spaces.

Only One Winner of the Best Technology Award for Indoor LED Drivers

Alighting Award-The Best Technology Award

The Alighting Award ceremony was grandly held on the first day of the exhibition. LTECH DALI series LED driver won the Best Technology Award, which is the only one indoor LED driver that received this award. It showcases our industry position. LTECH Marketing Director Ms. Yang Xi accepted the award in front of a large number of extraordinary LED lighting companies. We will live up to the expectations and stay committee to technological innovation and improving lighting quality.

LTECH Experts Delivered Speeches

Shared the unique insights at the exhibition forum

As a guest, Mr. Long Haiqi -LTECH Marketing Director of Smart Home Division delivered a speech at the Intelligence-lighting Crossover Forum on the first day of the exhibition. Mr. Long’s speech theme is “Build a Super Whole House Smart System Centering on Intelligent Lighting”, who shared great case studies and cutting-edge technologies with the audiences.

LTECH Sales Director Ms. Li Fangfang attended the Industry Development Seminar for Lighting in the Next 5 Years on the theme of Strategies for LED Lighting Manufacturers in the New Environment. Ms. Li gave a keynote speech with the theme of “ Empower the Lighting Industry by Technological Innovation”, who discussed with LED lighting manufacturers and distributors on the site to seek more feasible ways for future development of lighting.

Global Distributors Wanted

On the opening day of GILE, a lot of our competitors were shocked by the products and technologies we showcased. Some technologies even broke through the technical bottleneck of the industry, which instantly attracted a group of potential distributors. LTECH distributors are around the country and beyond, which are still growing. We will live stream the exhibition and look for global distributors. Capture the opportunity! Join us and become a distributor.

The exhibition is going on. In the next three days , LTECH will continue to present the latest industry information, advanced technologies and products to visitors. We are looking forward to your visit and exchanges at Hall 9.2, B02.